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A hanging A-frame-style/pyramid tent (a la the “Jungle Hammock”)
March 8, 2011, 9:53 am
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A hanging A-frame-style/pyramid tent (a la the “Jungle Hammock”)

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I came across this photo, have no idea who makes this tent/model (or if its a custom creation) but it certainly is cool. It seems to be going for the part hammock/part tent thing- a sleeping space away from crawling bugs, snakes, and the damp earth perhaps.
Funny thing is, as apparently there are only so many unique designs, ideas, and approaches out there, I already have a very similar structure ready for my next book- but more so a wooden, reinforced, swinging A-frame micro/tiny house.
On a similar tangent, check out my video on the hammock-tent I have from the company VERY cool, ultra-rugged!
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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Love it! No more waking up with the water from a heavy rain seeping through all the ‘waterproofing’. Smart.

Comment by MJ

Perhaps it’s my internet, but the links to the new site aren’t working for me. The site just times out without loading.

Comment by otakop

hmmmm=- retested it- it worked fine- haven’t heard the same from anyone else either. Let me know if it keeps doing the same….or just type in in your url space, bookmark that, etc- thanks!

Comment by relaxshax

Still not working under any browser (I thought it might be an issue with Chrome). I tried visiting under a proxy server in case Comcast has an issue with the site (no idea why) and took me to instead. Is this the new site?

Comment by otakop

yes, one and the same- forwards itself to

Comment by relaxshax

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