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A hanging A-frame-style/pyramid tent (a la the "Jungle Hammock")
March 8, 2011, 9:47 am
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I came across this photo, have no idea who makes this tent/model (or if its a custom creation) but it certainly is cool. It seems to be going for the part hammock/part tent thing- a sleeping space away from crawling bugs, snakes, and the damp earth perhaps.
    Funny thing is, as apparently there are only so many unique designs, ideas, and approaches out there, I already have a very similar structure ready for my next book- but more so a wooden, reinforced, swinging A-frame micro/tiny house.
   On a similar tangent, check out my video on the hammock-tent I have from the company VERY cool, ultra-rugged!

     -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I like the idea of being off the ground for snakes but now, besides worrying about a rattlesnake around the perimeter of the tent, I'd also have to worry about one being UNDER it and they really WOULD love that.

Comment by freebird

Is the floor solid?

Comment by Tim

yeah, like I said, I have no idea who makes this tent/don't know many details. Sorry, I would hope the floor is at least supportive in some way.

Comment by Relaxshacks

They're sold under the name “Treepees” and are sold as a kid's place to hide away rather than as a legitimate camping tent.

Comment by scearley

love it- will check out the site- might not be ultra-functional in some ways, but its still pretty cool/fun looking….

Comment by Relaxshacks

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