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A video tour of the Lake Union Houseboats/Floating Homes
March 3, 2011, 9:13 pm
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Again, WE”VE MOVED (NEW SITE’S HERE)- but I’ll continue to double post on this site and the next one for another week or so….things, in the wake of our New York Times Home and Garden cover article/feature have also been NUTS- with a few insane things/tv shoots in the works, so I’m still trying my best to STILL get frequent posts and photos up- while binding, packaging, and mailing huge amount of books, etc. So thanks for your patience!

Anyway, I came across this rather well done video online the other day (from author Howard Droker), and was somewhat surprised to find that it had so few views (2,087) for being up so long (over two years ago). I guess the overall houseboating, shantyboating, and floating home scene still is very underground in the overall scheme of worldly things- perhaps, its best if kept that way (so, maybe I SHOULDNT post this video…..). Sadly, there are so few good books on the subject- or at least one’s I’ve come across. Naturally, if you have any houseboat, tiny floating home, or shantyboat book recommendations, comment away….

 Anyway, check it out…

 -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I love houseboats !!!, but i despise socialist liberals !!!, (especially those socialist liberals in control of the media !!!). Socialism is opposite of what America stands for, and was founded upon !!!. Socialism is Treason !!!.

Comment by Pat Mahoney

??? Pat, is that directed at me!? Not sure where you’re coming from on this….Anyway, hope you’re well.

Comment by Deek

good video; thanks

Comment by southpier

Hey Deek, if you do come to Seattle this summer, you I’ll take you on a water tour of the Lake Union house boats and the locks that connect lake Union to the Puget Sound. You could make your own video, maybe talk to some of the inhabitants.

Also Victoria has a really cool house boat dock, in the salt water of course.

– Solar Burrito

Comment by Solar Burrito

SOunds good- I might have to take you up on that someday! Hope you’re well!

Comment by Deek

Sorry Deek, no that was not meant to be directed at you at all. In the video it states how he was a devout socialist, as though it was a good thing. It just bugged me how the director of the video would have emphasized that fact.

America is not now, nor will it ever be a socialist nation !!!.

Comment by Pat Mahoney

Houseboats not politics!

Comment by Solar Burrito

It goes way beyond simple politics !!!, as Both parties are guilty as hell !!!, and socialism, corporatism, globalism, communism, etc. are all completely unacceptable ideoligies, that advocate for a system of government or regulatory control that violates it’s own constitution, and violates the Natural, Civil, Religious, Privacy, Property, Medical, Resource,Financial, Parental, Susitnance, and Constitutional Rights of it’s citizens.

I truely fear for those who don’t have the slightest bit of forethought to see what would happen under any of those totalitarian ideologies.

It does not take much forethought at all to realize that our nation (and the world), is headed for some of the darkest times it has ever seen. Even a grade school child knows that it is all about the takeover of all of the worlds valuable and life sustaining Natural Resources.

We all know that it is a Corporate controled, Globalist, Socialist take over of all the worlds resources !!!. We are not the corporation’s, the government’s or U.N.’s Property !!!, and we will not be controled as such !!!.

My and my families Rights, Freedoms, Liberty, and Survival are Not open to political negotiation, regardless of whet party is in power !!!, and i will speak out against any and all threats to my family, whenever i see it, whether you like it or not !!!

Honestly… do you think that fellow would like the way the Seatle house boat community turned out today ???. I think he would have set sail long ago, to get far far away from that place.

Comment by Pat Mahoney

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