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A photo of a photo guy taking photos, during a photo shoot for The NY Times on Tiny Houses
February 28, 2011, 9:42 pm
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Um….title-wise, I just confused myself. Anyhow, when Erik Jacobs (the guy was incredible) of The New York Times came out to shoot four of my little cabins here in Massachusetts for an article titled “The $200 Microhouse (Joyce Wadler), I decide to turn the photo session on HIM, to make him sweat a lil’. No, Erik was cool with me doing this and I shot some video too- as its not everyday that the NY Times is prowlin’ in your frontyard, snappin’ pictures, as the neighbors look on wondering what the hell is happening….

 What you can’t see in this shot are several tripod light/flash rigs set-up throughout my front yard for lighting….like some mini CSI forensics/crime scene…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Also, just got word that MAKE Magazine wants us to shoot a new series of videos for them soon….and oh yes, we’ll have some real far out, funky, and flobaglooted (yeah, just made that up) stuff in store for ya!


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You are doing quite well! Good for you.

Comment by freebird

Yay! Okay. Now let's get you a television show on HGTV where you create small totally green living spaces. You can start with my back yard shed. :o)

Comment by Tracy Cambre

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