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Our NEW Make Magazine “How-To” video- Pallet-Wood Deck Chairs….and more…
February 19, 2011, 4:10 pm
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First- we have our Jay Shafer/Tiny Tumbleweed House vid out n’ running NOW- I’ll post it pretty soon (and check for it- possibly tomorrow)….

ALSO…. July 11th OUR 2011 Hands-On, Tiny Shelter/Tiny House Workshop is gonna be kick-butt- and selling out fast! We’ll have a narrative/photo video on what will be going on soon (One 14 hour day- with MANY guests and demonstrations- WITH some building!) up on our RelaxshacksDOTcom youtube channel. In the meantime, info can be found HERE. $195 for the day, meals included, free books/materials- and guest segments/demos from Alex Pino, Mimi Zeiger, and Dustin Diedricksen.

AND- here’s our brand new video for Make Magazine– its received over 12,000 views in just one day now, which doesn’t suck, so THANK YOU guys for all your support! More on the way….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I just sent the video via email to my grandson. He has a wicked sense of humor and ADHD so bad he can barely pass his classes in high school. I thought he should see how his humor can be a good thing in his life.

As for the chair, I may have to show the vid to my husband but he DOESN’T have such a good sense of humor. I wonder if it’s because he’s from Vermont…. lol, just kidding – about Vermont, not my husband.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

thanks- good to see some ADD put to passed-on good use! Thanks for watching/passing it on 🙂

Comment by relaxshax

It could be 11,998 ‘households’ viewing. I watched once, showed it once to my daughter, and once to my wife. :). By the way is there lodging close by for the workshop? I need to see if I can swing it, but being 6 plus hours away in Philly, not sure where I would stay. Tent it perhaps?

Comment by Dave

hey dave- sent you an email- I’m sure something can be figured out.

Comment by relaxshax

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