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“The Goddagidda-way” micro-shelter (aka “The Homeless Hut”)
February 18, 2011, 8:36 pm
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"The Goddagidda Way" designed and built by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (a micro homeless shelter, pre-fab treehouse/treefort, and/or indoor escape cube all-in-one)

Here are a few updated pictures of what I’ve now named “The Goddagidda-Way“- a mini/micro shelter designed as a tiny, EASY-to build escape cube (indoors or out), and/or a super-affordable short-term shelter for the homeless or for hikers/travelers, etc. Total cost: Approx. $100/$110.00.

Its a mere 16 square feet inside, but “roomier” than you might think, for something mainly built our of two sheets of plywood.

This also could be used for many other things (my intent)- for example, toss this lightweight structure into a platform in a tree- and voila, you have one of the simpler, cheaper, treeforts/treehouses you’ll ever come by (ie- down the road we’ll do so, and this will become the “head” of “The Tree-Rex Treehouse”). The beauty of this little shelter is that it can be built in well under a day, by someone with very little building experience.

Build it indoors, for those privacy-challenged, tiny house dwellers out there, and you have a little cozy nook in which to read a book, or work from your laptop.

Much more to come- and we’re eventually going to shoot this little structure, so as to show you how to build it yourself. (Note: The stainedglass artwork was donated by Satialee (her ebay shop name)- Real name: Stephanie Atlee. You can check out her work HERE.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I’m not sure if your familiar with this website but it’s very cool. I enjoy your blog and have google alerts for floathomes and tiny homes . Yours fits right in. Happy House and shelter hunting
You have to check this out

Comment by Randy

thanks Randy/all!

Comment by relaxshax

Goddagidda away is awesome. Nice man 🙂

Comment by Clane

I’m liking this one: the sheet of plastic/window wall really keeps the room light. Although it will wake you up at dawn, and lose heat in the winter 😀 I love the washing-machined-door window as well.

Also, I presume this particular structure cost about $150, as the stained-glass windows are about $50+ . If you didn’t, then I suppose it cost about $50. I may consider building this one!

On a bit of an unrelated note, there’s a guy near me who recently moved in a few blocks away. He’s replaced the cooker (I presume), and now there’s a little 4 hob/1 grill/1 oven stove at the back of his house. I’m tempted to ask him for it, but I’m not sure what I’d do with, or where I’d keep it. It’s just that the sheet metal can be used for a fair amount… though he might be trying to sell it for scrap. Any ideas of what to do with it if I did get it?


Comment by Pe-ads

Stained glass was free- donated by the etsy artist “Satialee”- so that wasn’t an expense- but also not needed really. 3 roofing panels of tuftex were $60.00- two sheets of decent 3/4″ plywood about $35.00- and the rest was leftover paint (although you can buy “oops paint” gallons for about $5.00, some screws, hinges, and random free scrap wood….thanks for checkin’ it out.

Comment by relaxshax

Very cool!!! This looks very much like a teardrop trailer. I really like the stained glass window. Could something like this be built onto a small utility trailer? Then a person could pull it if they have a car and have a little home wherever they go. Also, what would need to be done to add electric, sink, water and toilet? I am assuming the home would need to be bigger to add these things. How much extra would adding these things cost?

Comment by Jo

Thanks Joann- you’d have to significantly increase this in size for water/toilet, etc- but not impossible. Its intent was more of a sleep structure, where you’d have seperate central facilities from another small nearby building- but this could be built on a trailer/made into a trailer, and so on….elec.- the easy solution, for something so small, is to simply run an extension from some other source, wherever you stay (Rv park, from another home, etc). With something so small there’s no real sense in it having its own elec. panel/breakers- unless you built is much larger and wanted to fill it with many appliances, etc. Thanks for reading.

Comment by relaxshax

Looks like the perfect “guest room” for my Tumbleweed! 🙂

Comment by Jan Kenney

attached it in a cantilevered fashion to one of the tumbleweeds walls! lol- but make sure its removeable/unboltable for road treks…

Comment by relaxshax

Very cool but it really needs some insulation to be a viable and safe shelter. I would recommend doubling the amount of clear siding and using strips of foam insulation to separate the two to give it a double pane insulation value as well as lining the wooden walls with at least an inch of foam board with the floor having at least 2 inches of foam or air gap. building it with insulation in mind may double the cost but it makes the usability of it increase drastically and increases the safety of it in very cold climates.

Comment by timgray

thanks tim- yeah, again, alot of it depends on what climate you’re in- and with such a small space not much insulation is needed to allow your own body heat to help in warming the room- but you’re right in some respects, and I was planning the same thing, should I ever want to cold-climate prepare/insulate this structure….the tiny lantern alone- IF you had the fuel for it- would also help in heating such a small structure/unit. Thanks for the input tim! Appreciate it.

Comment by relaxshax

I absolutely LOVE this. I own a really small plot of land that we bought because it boarders state land and is 5 miles from a huge public lake. I plan to build 1 of these for each of my 4 kids. Im gonna put them a few feet off the ground so there like little tree forts!

Comment by Micah

This is great! You know, I can’t help thinking that if you put this onto a tiny trailer, it would be a creative and inexpensive alternative to the many thousand dollar teardrop trailer. It can’t weight too much, and could most probably be pulled by a little car. Sweet! Good job!

Comment by Marie

oops, sorry just saw the post above. Lots of the teardrops don’t have any amenities at all, and yet are quite expensive. So even at it’s size, I think it could easily be a good alternative. Home depot has a 4 X 8 foot trailer that could work. It’s a thought anyway.


Comment by Marie

I am an engineering designer of 30+ yrs and a
I must say that I am impressed with this basic concept.I am also a survivor of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf coast.I have been diligently playing with the idea of temporary and permanent housing for those in need
of a safe place to rest and sleep.I also lost every thing to that storm and I know first hand
what it means to be displaced and disenfranchised. I am very impressed with your savvy in design.Great work and kudos.

Comment by Bob Renaud

hey bob- thanks so much- that means a great deal coming from you, and what you’ve been through- I can’t imagine….


Comment by relaxshax

Hey Deek
I just wanted to say that I have been interested in this concept since I first saw it.Being a designer I am always looking for simple solutions
to complex challenges in design.This design with some minor upgrades(6’long), stretch your legs.It could be prefabed and assembled on site by almost anyone.In a disaster they could be delivered and assembled quickly because of size.
Each could also contain a 3 day supply of MRE’S
(Meals ready to eat)and water for a person for three days.It could also include a small dynamo (magneto)crank type lighting system and radio.
These things are essential after a disaster.
As I mentioned before,being a storm victim myself,
it is vital to get food ,water, and some kind of shelter to recover the first week after.
You have a wonderful design here that could work.
It has alot of practical pontential.
I hope your readers will take note and maybe someone will have a brainstorming session!
It is possible to make a low cost solution if enough people were involved.
Gonna order your book!!!
Best to you, Bob R……;0>

Comment by Bob Renaud

thanks bob- the real version will be longer- we’ve already planned for that- but I do like your other ideas as well- thanks so much!

Comment by relaxshax

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