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Two Mo’ Shantyboats/Floating Tiny Homes….
February 12, 2011, 8:17 am
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Can you tell I’m looking forward to warmer weather?

Here’s a pair of cool little shantyboats that I found up on


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hey deek, you need to tweak your link, brother. you take ’em to

i like the new shantyboats link. that’s more or less what i’m working on right now for the coming summer…a houseboat on the mississippi. take care, steve

Comment by Steve Hansen

I like the top one. Pure shanty. Also check out the yahoo shantyboat group. There’s some nice talk going on there right now! Bryan

Comment by Bryan

Deek, you building a boat this summer? I guess if you find a cheap pontoon boat, you’ll have the boat part and you can focus on building the “shanty” part!

Comment by Solar Burrito

would love to- but not sure time-wise, as we’re already slated to build quite a few other things- but a shantyboat IS on my list! Hope you’re well SB!

Comment by relaxshax

They are having a shanty boat gathering this fall about 40 miles from where I live. I happen to have a 16 foot fiberglass boat that I’ve had for years but it’s an open boat. SO I need a cabin to sleep in and to keep things dry if we get rained on. Enter a free as in here take it, long bed Ford Ranger canopy that needs a bit of scrubbing to clean it up. It looks to be about right to set on the sidedeck of my boat and it’s does have a nice slope forward. Maybe I’ll get to go boating this year after all.


Comment by Kristine Bennett

love the idea! Send pix if you can make it- better yet, get some good video of the event and we can edit it into a piece that we could air on our channel…

Comment by relaxshax

The top boat is my shantyboat, “Cacafuego”
I built that boat in the mid 1990’s and used it for
many years around Florida’s east coast and the Keys.
By far the best boat for the bucks, I ever had.
I built the whole thing out of scrap lumber, and recycled stuff. Glad to see it on your site!!!
Capt. Don

Comment by Capt. Don

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