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Big Ideas from the Small Houses/Architecture of Japan….
February 9, 2011, 5:00 pm
Filed under: Uncategorized’s been all over the small house scene lately (great news!)- and here’s an online article they ran on their homepage today regarding the tiny homes and architecture of Japan….some real cool stuff! My only question with the photo above (and many of the others in their gallery) is “yeah, these places look great(!), but where the heck do you relax? Where’s the furniture?”

Check out more at 

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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What? You want to relax in here? It’s art! It should captivate your mind so much you just want to gawp at the walls all day long and skip work.


Comment by Pe-ads

I’m assuming (hoping) you’re kidding- lol. These places are damn nice though- just not outfitted for living (even scaled-down Japanese living) it seems…in most cases, these shots were taken right after construction completion I’m imagine too (another reason for the sterility)…

Comment by relaxshax

I love the house in the slideshow you linked to where the “bricks” are actually metal cabinets: you get to put your stuff “in the walls”! How cool is that? Though of course it’s cladded in tiles to insulate it…

Oh, and I was joking 😀

Comment by Pe-ads

They probably have mats they bring out of storage to sit on. BTW, not on topic exactly, but check out the simple solar water heater made from beer bottles… a guy in China made!

Comment by Becky

will do- thanks becky- interest-wise, beer and free-heat- its right up my alley!

Comment by relaxshax

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