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Triloboats- Houseboats/Shantyboat with sailing rigs!?
February 6, 2011, 8:46 am
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Here’s an interesting look at micro-homes of the floating variety courtesy of a site called Thanks to Jared Crane for alerting me to this site/builder’s existence…(Further below is more info on the boat they live aboard- The Slacktide)

"The Trilobyte"- love the name.....(in some vacation-trip setting)

 Apparently this little excursion houseboat (which reminds me of “The Harmonica” in ways) is a mere 16′ by 4′ wide….


"Bumpuses t' Home": Dave and Anka aboard SLACKTIDE
Anke (Wagner) and I (Dave Zeiger) live aboard Slacktide, our junk, cat-ketch rigged T26x7. We Googled, and came up with this: Slacktide: Stillness and transition; ambiguous uncertainty; adaptability.”

The phrase seems to capture our life’s aspirations and ambivalences. Slack tides are important moments for transiting some of the narrows, which can develop wild flow a few minutes either side of slack water.

We’re at large among the islands of Southeast Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago. Being wind and human powered, sailing, sculling, drifting and idling are important pastimes. When the wind is fair and the tide a’rising, we love to skim the shorelines or thread tiny passages between islets. When at anchor, we while away our days drawing (boats from me, plants and animals from Anke), making music (amateurishly) and exploring realms of the senses.

In port, we love to catch up with friends who live in our network of island communities.

In the long run, we hope to achieve about a 90% subsistant lifestyle. We’re trying to solve the starchy carb challenge (not much local bulk). The remaining 10% is composed of exotics, such as chocolate, coffee, eggs and cheeses, wine and spices.

We’re hoping to retire soon from the occasional odd job.

You can find out more about our previous boats, including Luna at my brother, Mark’s Web site, where he has a section dedicated to us.

Also, here’s an article in Duckworks Magazine.

Hear our story on’s Podcast.

For Fans Of: (houseboats, floating homes, shantyboats, tiny homes, cabins, floating camps, shacks, small homes on the water, micro-houses)

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I love this thing!! bumping around the islands is perfect! homemade boat totally funky.Livin off the sea and shore awesome. 😉
now if I can just get my wife to buy it.

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

Good luck!)- it would be AMAZING though!

Comment by relaxshax

Check out the books Backyard Boatbuilding and Troller Yachts by George Beuhler also I have lived on a twenty foot by six and a half foot boat for the last two and a half years its great.

I am now working on a boat that can by easily maintained and repaired making it last forever. More of that later.


Comment by David-Paul Newton-Scott

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