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A Funky Chicken Coop Structure (as a conversion into a Tiny House Design!?)
February 5, 2011, 9:09 am
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Its off to shovel my roof some more, so its a short post today (there have now been 92 roof collapses in the state of MA from snow as of last night!). Anyway, as I’m a fan of bright n’ bold trim colors (and just vibrant colors in general (see my “Tree-Rex Treehouse post recently)), this green/garden-roofed chicken coop design caught my attention.
The “kippen” chicken coop

Now hear me out…

Visualize this little structure (mostly the above front-view photo), but in larger form, and with a set of french doors added in the entrance space, and perhaps a window or two cut-in for some natural light, and blamo!- you’d have what would amount to a very simple, yet pleasing-looking, and affordable mini vacation home or cabin/cottage. Add a tiny little wooden-slab deck out in the front (on hinges so that it folds UP against the house and locks while you’re away) and it’d be even more catering to your outdoor/indoor relaxation.
I know it seems bizarre, but some of my own inspirations for designs and sketches for tiny houses and homes come from offshoot photos and concepts like this one.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I don’t think that’s a bizarre idea. The colors sure catch my eye. I don’t know about a rooftop garden if the shed were made tall enough to live in though, at least not for a tended garden.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

I can see what you are saying, and it sounds cool, but… Did you happen to notice the irony, that you start out talking about roofs collapsing, and then you go on to suggest a flat roof structure ?.
A building like that would work though, but it would have to be built very rugged and braced well, especially if it is to be left untended in the off seasons.

Comment by Pat Mahoney

yeah- kinda thought it would go without saying that it would have to be ultra- braced like any flat-roof structure- plus, as a tiny structure it wouldn’t have a huge roof area (well, all depending on how large you’d want it)- but def. a good point Pat, and glad you brought it up, as sometimes I assume things/ideas/facets of a design are understood- without posting them or doing so in detail. This year’s snow fall in MA for January is in the record books too, so it doesn’t really represent how thing normally are here- but it always pays to plan for these type uncommon seasons…

Comment by relaxshax

That’s one cool little chicken house! If we ever get any chickens, I’ll be digging through your archives for that one. Take care getting that snow off your roof! We dodged the big storm here in northern Arkansas but ended up with 3 or 4 inches overnight. Ugh! I don’t see how people in the North survive!

Comment by Lisa

My shed- a measured- had 30″ of snow on it- a simple little 2by3 rafter set-up too- and no probs- luckily. The roof is also braced with collar-ties and plywood gussets from when I built it- which enormously helps. The old shed- an arrow brand metal junk-shed that came with the house, collapsed about 6-7 years ago when we had a HUGE storm where we got close to 4 feet or snow in one single storm.

Comment by relaxshax

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