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“The Tree-Rex Treehouse”- A micro-cabin and homeless shelter for $100
February 1, 2011, 1:17 pm
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A cabin/treehouse shaped like a dinosaur/t-rex!??
Also- Stained Glass art is courtesy of Satialee on check out her work HERE

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately- a conglomeration of a design from my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” and from one in my new, in-the-works, micro-architecture book. This is a two-in-one: A mini homeless/emergency shelter (for just barely over $100 in materials- and ultra-easy to build!), designed to keep its occupant out of the rain and elements, AND as the head of what will soon be “The Tree-Rex Treehouse“- perched high in a maple in my backyard (with a tail, arms, etc- the works…). We’ll probably leave this around long enough for the attendees of my 2011 Hands-On, Tiny Shelter/House Building Workshop (here in MA) to check out too (along with 3-4 other mini cabins on my property).

I additionally shot a mini video or two on this which I’ll post down the road. I’ve also been working on this in the snow- and I mean LOTS of snow, and negative-degree temperatures. I think its safe to say that I’m looking forward to warmer weather!

'WITH the stained glass window- art by Stephanie Atlee aka "Satialee" on she's awesome!

We also just shot a REALLY cool/fun video for “Tiny Yellow House” TV and hope, perhaps, to shoot one on “The Tree-Rex” as well- once it the weather’s a little nicer, naturally.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I gotta hand it to you for working out in the mess. I can barely bring myself to shovel the driveway. Another big storm in the northeast today!

Comment by Dave

YEah- STILL snowing here in MA- tomorrow they say another 10″- yikes!

Comment by relaxshax

I love the stained glass window inset into a plywood structure, a touch of class…I could see privacy issues for homeless with such an expanse of plastic, though you could scour it to make it more opaque while still getting passive solar gain. A black container of water would collect solar energy that would help warm it in the evening, which would be cool. I love your innovations!

Comment by Becky

I think it all depends on where you place it- if fscing the sun, you could use white corrugated plastic (so as to not slow-roast a homeless chap), and yeah, if you wanted privacy- they do sell black roofing as well….I was just going for some natural light with the clear version (which could always be covered with an internal curtain on a track)….

Comment by relaxshax

Congratulations to work well done under difficult circumstances. Most of all what a grand solution for many who are homeless and living on the streets, parks, and where they can find a place. May your shelter gain wide viewership and be picked up by those who could put it to use. Warm regards, g.

Comment by Gabrielle Songe

Nice Deek,I wonder if the lantern would create usefull heat? also a blanket or tarp could allow privacy. Whats the small hole for? Is that 4×4 floor and wall? willit fit in a pu truck? How many questions am I allowed? LOL 😉

p.S.a tarp on the side could create a covered vestibule for storage and cooking.

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

some good point/ideas Kevin…yeah, its a mere 4by4by4 prototype- which is actually “more room” than you’d imagine inside- even with the sloping front. The unused hole will be/is a one-gallon pickle-jar window- blog photo to come- and video as well- it actually came out great!

Comment by relaxshax

Very interesting and innovative,I think it should be camouflaged instead of orange.Out of site, out of mind!

Comment by Gene Wallen

I just happened to have some orange paint leftover- for the t-rex aspect of it. As for it being a homeless shelter- yeah, you’d definitely want to hide it…

Comment by relaxshax

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