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Jay Nelson’s Art Shelters…. part dwelling/part artwork
January 31, 2011, 8:49 am
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First, thanks to Kent “Big K” Griswold for posting on my “Redneck Windows For Tiny Houses” Video- you can check it out on TINY HOUSE BLOG. Also. I rarely go a day without posting but yesterday, from 6am to 9pm I was wrapped up in another “Tiny Yellow House” TV shoot for Make Magazine- Carpentry, Car-crushin, n’ Karate- all in one episode! AND just got the brand new issue of Readymade Magazine in the mail, and Mimi Zeiger (who will be on our panel of teachers for this summer’s 2011 Hands-On, Tiny House/Shelter Building Workshop- if interested) had as great article on a man by the name of Jay Nelson.

Jay’s a trained artist, but has often dabbled in shelter-structures as art- as you can see in this little gallery I pieced together below…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I love that tiny Honda CRX camper… I ran into it on some forums a while back. Would love to see more of it, haha. That’s so cool it made the cover of Make Magazine!

Comment by Alex

thats just plain AWESOME!! i love the wood look!

Comment by David

Yeah- great little structure= this guy has made many other things as well- some of which I’ll post real soon…


Comment by relaxshax

love the 2nd one!

Comment by kellicox

could you do that on a DElorean? then it could be
back to the funky future! 😉

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

Thought the same thing upon quick glance- “Is that a Delorian!?”

Comment by relaxshax

Oh that is just too cool!

Comment by Lisa

thanks, deek! jay’s a terrific artist (he paints too). more of his work is at triple base:

Comment by mimiz

I saw the cover photo and had to buy the magazine. Too bad there isn’t more on how to build one – sort of like eye-candy.. I wonder how I could convert my 92 saturn? Nice website Deek- keep up the good work!

Comment by Robert Quentin Hyde

yeah- I was bummed there was only one real photo of the structure inside- when something like that deserved many shot- esp. an interior shot! Great project though….

Comment by relaxshax

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