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Idaho Sheep Camp Caravans- Today’s Tiny House Eye Candy
January 27, 2011, 9:28 am
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FIRST….we’re rounding out the time schedule and events for our 2011 Hands-On Tiny Shelter/House Workshop (July 9th- Stoughton, MA)- and a few solar cooking demonstrations (and meals) will also be on the agenda- as well as a segment on building composting toilets (in addition to MANY other things- and some BUILDING!)- Here’s a recent post on it… Single Day- $195 (Approx. 13 hours- all food, drinks are included-culminating into a bonfire discussion). Only 12 or so people will be allowed to enroll, so act fast if you’re interested.

AND…Reader Scott House turned me on to the site/company IDAHO SHEEP CAMP, which builds mobile camps/caravans which are beautifully outfitted. These could be a great alternative/tiny house idea for singles….and very budget friendly over time,

They’ve been in business for awhile, have a great photo gallery of their past work, and the prices seem pretty reasonable considering.

AND soon- as we continue to prepare and book attendees for our 2011 Hands-On, Tiny House/Shelter Workshop here in MA, we ALSO have a tiny treehouse design contest on the way- with SEVERAL guest judges….Authors DAVID AND JEANIE STILES, KENT GRISWOLD of, JAY SHAFER of, ALEX PINO of, MICHAEL JANZEN of, AND MORE to be announced!


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So cute…Just need the cowboy to go with it!!!

Comment by H McBride

These are amazing! And reading the web site info, you can feel the passion and joy they put into the wagons. Great find!!

Comment by MJ

When I was a kid growing up in southern Idaho these used to fascinate me. My dad was friends with several of the sheep ranchers in the area. We used to go to the camps and help with the lambing. When headed into the high country in the summer we would occasionally take supplies to the herders. We would be invited for a meal/visit. I fantasized about living such a remote life.

Comment by Michael Hunt

Thanks MJ= seems these guys have been at it for some time too.

Comment by relaxshax

That would be sheepboy 😉 these are neat I really like the wood stove.I want one! I wish the beds didn’t take up so much space.

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

The ones I remember had smaller beds. Just big enough for one herder. The queen bed probably attracts a different buyer. One with more money.

Comment by Michael Hunt

Im going to the workshop if its booked or not ill crash the party…

Comment by jake

Timberline Range Camps build modern versions of these Camps they are very well built,well thought out, looks like a great product from what I seen on their website.

Comment by Jake

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