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BRAND NEW Video- making windows for your tiny house/hut/shack/shed from Washing Machine Portholes
January 27, 2011, 6:46 pm
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Here’s brand new video- using one pre-fab facade/side of “The Tree-Rex” treehouse (dual- homeless shelter prototyoe for $110 in materials) that I’m building for a NEW Make Magazine Shoot- yes, a T-rex Shaped Treehouse- in micro form (but useable/inhabitable). We’ll explain all later- and have ANOTHER microvideo on the way about it.

Also, for some of you new readers- I posted a few of my most recent videos that I haven’t said much about/posted much on (I’ll add them with an update after I get back from picking up my pizza downtown)…. please check ’em out! Thanks!

Alright- “back from pizza”- update (next morning actually- things got crazy)- here’s those other vids…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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What! no delevery. I don’t even live in town and I get delevery.

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

Delivery’s too slow- the place is right around the corner! lol….My smallish town (my brother and I counted) actually has FOURTEEN pizza places! Crazy!- a town or about 30,000.

Comment by relaxshax

Just a thought, if you have a buddy or little sibling who could use a couple extra bucks you could have them do assembly for you. You could also use on Amazon. It would widen your circulation exposure and give you a really easy electronic delivery method for your book. Keep going…

Comment by Shirley

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