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Diedricksen, Zeiger, n’ Pino= Oh my! 2011 Tiny Shelter Workshop in Massachusetts
January 20, 2011, 2:05 pm
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LOTS and LOTS of more information and details are to come, but so as to drop a little confirmed/booking information, our 2011 workshop on alternative construction/tiny-shelter/house design will be held Sat, July 9th in Stoughton, Massachusetts. MARK YOUR CALENDARS- and email me at if interested in updates. This will be a small-group workshop ranging from basics to the bizarre and more complicated….we’ll only have room for about one dozen or so people so that we can pay individual attention to each attendee.

Derek's Cabin in VT (from "Tiny Yellow House" TV on youtube)


We have a TON of information describing the event that we’ll soon be listing…which will be “a deathwish-paced day of eclectic education and hands on experiences”. My goal is to cover a wide base of ideas, while keeping things VERY fun and creatively driven. We’ll be outdoors, working hard, getting dirty. and having a blast. THis course might be the kick in the arse that you need to get your own tiny housing or carpentry project going!

For starters (from the forthcoming press release/description sheet)….

This workshop will be lead by myself (Derek “Deek” Diedricksen), and will have educational/fun demonstrations and hands-on segments from a variety of guest demonstrators/lecturers ….just confirmed on the teaching/speaking-guest end of things….more to come…

MIMI ZEIGER– Architect and Author of the critially acclaimed book “Tiny Houses”, and the soon to be released small home collection/tome “Micro-Green” will be coming in from NYC to share her knowledge in the field. Mimi is an established writer/journalist for Dwell Magazine, Readymade Magazine, Architectural Digest, and many other publications. She also heads up the online and print mag “Loudpaper”-

Mimi Zeiger's "Micro-Green" which you can already pre-order on

ALEX PINO– of will be making the trek all the way from Florida to help out in this workshop- where he’ll additionally be sharing his accumulated knowledge on the subjects and helping us in the design of our collaborative woodworking micro-struture/project. Alex is also the host of several online tiny house-related news episodes.

DUSTIN “Dr. Demoltion” DIEDRICKSEN– whose small home design work was just featured on CBS News will be holding court on salvage carpentry and deconstruction- the tricks of the trade. Dustin is an Environmental Engineer- McGill and Harvard educated- who will be available to discuss (and incorporate) his knowledge and its relation to small house design. He’ll also be talking from his own personal experience on living in a tiny home- and the “turniture” or multi-faceted furniture he has built.

Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen's Tiny House

DEREK “DEEK” DIEDRICKSEN– Who is heading up the program is the author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”, and a forthcoming tiny housing book through The Lyons Press (Fall 2011). An Eagle Scout, and cottage-industry carpenter by trade, his work, writings, and designs have appeared in Readymade Magazine, Make Magazine, Northeastern Magazine, Coastal Living, CBS News and Radio, on NPR/National Public Radio,, and beyond. He is also the host/producer/director of youtube’s “Tiny Yellow House TV”.

"Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..." Book...


AND MORE to come…..(how we’ll incorporate solar cooking and heating, the micro-cabins we’ll have on hand that you can paw through, some possible guest, mobile cabins that will be stopping by, etc).

Price tbd soon (always a tough one!)- as we have to mathematicaly factor in the materials, gas/travel/food for some of the speakers, speaker accomodations, needed tools, the two provided meals for all attendees, assorted hardware, a hired runner/helper for all involved, ongoing coffee, snacks, and the printing of the materials and booklets you’ll be given with this course, and so on….

THE WORKSHOP, and YOU, will all be filmed for newer editions of “Tiny Yellow House” as well- and any sponsors (banners, tools, products), who wish to make themselves seen within these episodes and the workshop are very welcome/needed- which will help us to lower the admission costs as well- while helping YOU reach a TON of people internationally.

Again- if interested….and thanks to Kent Griswold in advance for his help- we’ll work him into some of the episodes- please check the man out at TINYHOUSEBLOG.



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i just recommended your book to my local library system. we’re #1.

Comment by kellicox

THanks so much Kelli!

Comment by relaxshax

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[…] AND- MORE coming on our July 9th, 2011 Tiny House/Shelter Workshop in Stoughton, Massachusetts- Here’s what we have planned so far…… […]

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