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A NEW Vegetable Oil Heater/Tiny Cabin Video- FINALLY!
January 18, 2011, 9:16 am
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Sorry this video took so long to make and post- I explain why in the clip. So many people kept asking about this little heater that I HAD to finally man-up and get this out there. As you’ll see, this heater is simpler than you might have thought- and its the very first design you see in the most updated edition of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”. Thanks for your patience- and you’ll need more of it, as this micro-episode is a little lengthy (I cover so much that should have split it into seperate videos!).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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maybe having the outer shield lift up and down is a better idea rather than having a split in? seems like it could wear out easily as you have it now

Comment by MattyG

I actually show how it more easily lifts up and down later in the video…

Comment by relaxshax

great, thanks.

Comment by kellicox

Deek very inovative! Great use of found and recycled materials.I want one of your books, you have a gift for this sort of thing.I look forward to your posts every day one of my favorite sites.It makes me want to run out to the shop and tinker up a new idea. I like playing with ways to create off grid systems for everyday living.Thanks for your inspiration.

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

hey- thank YOU Kevin- much appreciated….saw the photo of your micro-woodstove- very cool.

Comment by relaxshax

Excellent video, and the haircut looks great, too!

I experimented with heating with candles a couple of years ago – tea lights inside cinder blocks. Quite dangerous, but fun nonetheless.

Comment by Lauren

Great video Deek! Nice haircut too. During a huge ice storm a couple of years ago, we lost power for about a week. I brought out my old 1970’s “Uncandles”…old time vegetable oil candles. By concentrating them in one room and closing it off from the rest of the house, we managed quite well. I’ve been unable to find commercial “Uncandles” for years so really appreciate your homemade version.

Comment by Lisa

have you ever thought about using a small terra cotta pot for holding the vegetable oil…what you can do for a lid is take one of the terra cotta plates they use under the pots. but turn it up side down and put it on top of the pot and use a masonry drill bit to make the holes for the wick..i have made meat smokers from something similar

Comment by Michael

deek, have you considered the rocket stove?

Comment by kellicox

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