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The RelaxSHACK/hut of the day….a tiny house in the tropics
January 17, 2011, 9:07 am
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Well, this weekend the whole fam was supposed to be trekkin’ up to VT near my cabin (from “Tiny Yellow House Episode #5= or was it #4? on youtube) but a stomach bug ripped through the homestead and we’ve been grounded from what would have been a very fun trip. I planned on shooting the “Unit One” house from the shelter-kit company in Tilton, NH as well….man……

     Anyhow, today’s the first time I’m feeling 100% and while the VT trip is a no-go, I’m going to dig out a work space in our 18″ of snow and try working on something called “The Bum Bin”- anotherlow-cost, quick-to-build, micro-shelter for the homeless. This will also make a comedic appearance in the next episode of TYH that we shoot for Make Magazine. Its a model/micro-prototype for the simplest of tiny houses, and could be configured into a kids fort, a treehouse, and/or a shantyboat shell with very few adjustments,

So….since VT’s out, and I’m stuck down here in the snow- here’s another lil’ ramshackle cabin to drool over (more so for my own selfish viewing- I’ll admit!). Funky, hokey, n’ simple, the way I like it.

'Ey Mon, pass me the particle-board...

-Derek “Deek”Diedricksen


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this could be anything from a chicken coop to a church. must get wet there up on stilts.When I was in Australia a lot of the houses in Cairns were up on stilts 6 to 8 ft off the ground ! they get over 15 ft of rain a year! I know random 😉

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

yeah- whatever it is= chopped-top of a house, or former chicken coop, its kinda humorous/interesting….

Comment by relaxshax

Hi Derek,

I looked around for your email address, but wasn’t able to find it… I work with Shelter-Kit, and I’d be more than happy to provide you loads of Shelter-Kit photos, provide you information, arrange an interview (either via phone or in person, since you’re so close), etc. Happy to help any way I can! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Comment by Amber

LOL Nice funky shack! Hope you and the fam are feeling better now. Just shot you an email, too…

Comment by Alex

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