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Micro-Modern Home Video from Sustain Design Builders…
January 17, 2011, 6:46 pm
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Kinda dug this video- thought all you tiny house/cabin/modern-micro fans out there might too….and tomorrow, assuming all goes well, I should FINALLY have a video up on that vegetable oil heater you saw in my cabin “The Gypsy Junker” (Tiny Yellow House Episode #2 on youtube)= if you missed the episode- I posted it below as well. SO many people asked about that hokey little heater, that I HAD to shoot a tutorial on it….so stay tuned….

and for those who missed it (and the heater, wayyyyy back in 2010- lol..)-


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Looking forward to the Veg oil heater video. I tried making an oil lamp that burned Veg oil, but it wouldn’t keep burning. I guess I was using too cheap a variety of Vegetable oil (Foodlion Brand).

Comment by otakop

Thanks- coming soon…
also- usually the problem is that you need to ensure the oil levels are always high and close enough to the wick- which is more easily ensured with a low/flat container for the oil. The cheap stuff has worked for me- so try that….

Comment by relaxshax

Deek, how do you feel about using a buddy burner in this?

Comment by otakop

okay, i like that. more fire, please.

Comment by kellicox

You don’t have to use wax in there (although it is spill proof when not in use), you can use vegetable oil in it instead. When the level gets low, just add more oil or another candle stub depending on your medium of choice. The great part of it is that when you need to put it out, the lid acts like a snuffer. Also, with wax as a heating medium, you don’t have to worry about grease fires.

Just a thought or twelve…

Comment by otakop

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