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NE’s Blizzard- Kickin’ Me Arse! (Tiny Beach Homes/Huts)
January 12, 2011, 11:58 am
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“Oh Sh-t, here comes a big wave!”- a tiny island house from

Beach Huts from Wells, UK- I LOVE the colors...

     I figure I better get around to posting something ASAP (as I try to do so at least once every day), since as of now 70,000+ homes in my area of Massachusetts are without electricity– and I could be next. In fact, while shoveling the 12″ or so of NEW snow from my driveway, a National-Grid Maintenance truck drove by (“National Greed” I call ’em (The MA rates are NUTS!)- I even sign my checks to them that way- and yup, they cash ’em no problem) so I thought our day of power had come to an end. Well, we’re still up and running, but one advantage of being a suburban redneck/Eagle Scout, is that I have a woodstove (already roarin’), several lanterns oiled up and ready to go, and boxes upon boxes of candles, should the need arise. I guess the only problem with being one of the few people on the block, so close to Boston, with a woodstove, is that should the power fail, all the knowing neighbors will be knockin’ at my door….which is fine, as long as they bring some good beer!

Anyway, I have to go and retackle some NEWER snow, and knock some of the accumulation off of the roof of my old, small craftsman-style bungalow, so I leave you (and more so ME- I’ll prob gaze at this all day- dreaming of warmer, building-friendly, weather), with these three photos from another place, another time, another climate….

Well, until tomorrow- if we have power…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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will check it out- thanks jay

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