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Lots of news on The Tiny House/Small Living Scene…
January 12, 2011, 10:55 pm
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"A Volkswagon-shaped house/restaurant in Austria"



Here’s a little of what’s been going on with us here at (and I use the term “us” in a creepy pseudo-multi-person Gollum-type way, as its just “Me” runnin’ this tiny ship…

First off, Alex Pino and I just had a “Tiny housing conference call” of sorts today to iron out some really cool ideas and events we have waiting in the brainstormin’-wings…. Alex’s site is great, and one of 3-4 I check on a daily basis- give him a visit at tinyhousetalk . Alex might also be part of our summer workshop on tiny shelter/house building here in MA as well (one od the reasons for the call) if you might be interested….

In Other News- Kent “Big K” Griswold (who is quickly becoming one of the “godfathers of the tiny house bloggin’ scene (I’ll spare you the bad Brando impersonation) might be posting a guest article of mine tomorrow on his ultra-cool Tinyhouseblog – so be sure to keep an eye out. Its an interview with Seattle Shantyboat builder Bryan Lowe- a very fascinating and inspiring guy who runs Shantyboatliving.

And Speakin’ of Shantyboating– The very same Bryan Lowe is peckin’ away at a book on that very subject (which is GREAT/smart- as there aren’t many of ’em out there) and I’ve been at work on a few sketches that I promised to let him use for the future-tome. Should be good. I have a few other random new sketches and designs I’ll be posting soon- some of which will eventually find their way into another tiny housing/shelter design book down the road,

Lastly, I’ve been speaking back and forth on email with Pete Nelson of The Treehouse Workshop Inc. (if you’ve seen a treehouse book in a store, chances are its one of his), and I’ll be sharing a little treehouse info/advice he recently gave me in one of our next entries. Pete is also contributing to my brand new revised and hugely expanded upon edition of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”- out Fall 2011 via The Lyons Press. TONS of new and unseen sketches and designs will be in this new version of the book! (if you want to get your mitts on the old hand-assembled version, I still have a very small amount left. Someone recently sold a used copy on ebay for $47.00!!! Funny, when I sell ’em, shipping included, for only $18.95= see the top-left column on this blog).

AND….we’re slowly gearing up to launch a design contest (micro-treehouses) here on one where a VERY LARGE lot of prizes will be at stake- more details to come….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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GREAT STUFFFFFF… see homes and greenHouses ROUND ONES

Comment by Roger

will check it out roger- and want to yack with you soon- those greenhouses are pretty cool…

Comment by relaxshax

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