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Military and Backpacker Tent Stoves for Tiny Houses/Cabins?
January 9, 2011, 3:25 pm
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Aside from the fact that these won’t hold a fire as long, and you’ll need to refeed them more frequently, I’m wondering, why not use one of these tiny military stoves in tiny, tiny houses? Please feel free to add your input/expertise.

This model lists for $59 on Ebay (not including shipping)

At my tiny self-built cabin up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont I have a stove (from my father-in-law) called a “Not-A-Bolt”- a military issue I believe, that comes apart/folds down. This little thing is great, pretty heavt duty, and although I haven’t been able to find another like it online, there are MANY other tent-style/backpacker stoves to be found on ebay, amongst other places. A good deal of them are under $100 as well.

So, with some extra added flue pipe, and especially for weekending -and when space is at a premium in tiny cabins or hunting camps (or even treehouses) why not consider one of these lil’ guys? Again- any concerns or ideas are always welcome here at the “Relaxshacks Redneck Villa”. Yeah, I’d MUCH rather have a Dickinson Boat Stove, or a Toyotomi- both of which are GREAT- but if on a low budget, this could be a possibility for some- especially the upright cylindrical stoves that are out there (which take up even less space).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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looks interesting. tho i am interested in your propane tank heater idea. i’m wondering how safe that is? what kind of base or “firewall” to use in a wooden structure?

Comment by kellicox

The Dickinson stove or the kero-toyotomi (a japanese, thermostatically controlled heater- ultra efficient)? The “toyo” runs on diesel or #2 kero- I’ll have to do a video on one at some point…its clearance to a wall is about 7″- and 12″ or so on each side- it does require electricity for its fan and controls though…

Comment by relaxshax

Search for “Yukon m1950″…

Comment by Ryan

What about a pocket rocket stove? One of those things made from tin cans?

Comment by UP Dave

I’m looking for something exactly like the Yukon m1950 since it can burn liquid fuel. I’d love to set one of these up in my garage as a waste oil burner.

Comment by Ryan

I’m heating my 240 sq ft bus with one of those and it is actually pretty efficient. It has a 2.75 diameter stack which is pretty small but since I took the spark screen screen out it draws fine. I also added a taller cap with a wider hat.
It will take a 6 inch diameter by 17 inch log it it’s empty but I cut my wood smaller. It I pack it with oak before I go to bed it will still be warm and have coals 8 hours later.
You can see it on my website I wrote it up several times starting here.
It is a good little stove and is keeping me warm and dry.

Comment by Oldfool

I saw those, too and thought them worth investigating. You can also buy them through! The reviews there are mixed, with construction quality clearly questionable, but for the right person, someone just a bit handy, these could be great. It seems they need plenty of stack in order to draw properly, but that’s not much of a challenge.

Comment by Bryan

What about heat on houseboats/Shanyboats? What is usually used. I own a gravity-fed nordic stove- for my LAND cabin, but they’re designed for sea use….inexpensive too.

Comment by relaxshax

The stove was a big dilema for my tiny space for a long time. I decided to use a Four Dog stove (Two Dog size) in my tiny vardo (see Although I have only camped in it down into the 20s so far, it was more than warm enough in such a small space. The only down side, Deek already mentioned, is that it needs more feeding. This means waking up to no fire (usually).

As a note, I have used this stove in a small pyramid tent down to much colder temperatures and it is certainly very nice to have some real heat, especially when getting up in the morning.

Comment by paleotool

[…] Military and Backpacker Tent Stoves for Tiny Houses/Cabins … […]

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