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Outhouse of the “Week” #2 (Crappers for your Tiny House/Cabin in the woods)
January 7, 2011, 10:55 am
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As a good deal of tiny houses and small camps/cabins need ’em, and well, since I find them interesting, here’s another look at an A-frame outhouse from Lloyd Alter. A simple expanded version of this would make for a nice micro-shelter or hunting camp/getaway…

A-frame outhouse from Lloyd Alter

I have an outhouse of my own up at my Vermont Cabin (“The Bomb Shelter”- its covered in corrugated steel since we began having problems with porcupines eating it (the story is in my “Humble Homes..” book)), and I’ll have to dig up some photos at some point. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to show the outhouse in “Tiny Yellow House Episode #4” on youtube….maybe next time (daylight, time, and money ran out on that shoot).

If you’re looking for a lil’ light reading while on the throne too….these two are amongst my favorites. Yes, there are MANY books on outhouses, and even an outhouse museum in Canada!

GREAT book- very fun/comical- and c'mon the name "Dotty Booth" has to be a pen name, OR this woman was just destined to love outhouses ("Potty-Booth").

I’ve read this one (also very good)- which was out of print for awhile- but now I see some “new, slick, fancy versions for sale online”- so some publisher brought it back…

And yes, we’ll have some weird/unique composting toilet/outhouse rig on display (and useable) for this summer’s Massachusetts hands-on workshop we’re hosting on tiny shelter construction and small living (alongside MANY other things). Can’t wait! if interested (I’ll send you email updates/specifics).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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YES! An A-Frame outhouse, cool lol. I sure appreciate my current toilet set up though because sometimes I drink A LOT of water/tea…

Comment by Alex

BOMB shelter hahaha I like it does it hold in the nuclear waste? and whats the half life? lol

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

got my copy today, deek! it’s so great!

Comment by kellicox1

thanks so much for pickin’ up a copy of my book Kelli!

Comment by relaxshax

I actually haggled on a metal “Hazardous waste” sign years back (the kind you see on highway trucks) with a guy at a fleamarket, to place on the outhouse, but the guy wanted an outrageous price. I should have just gotten it anyway in hindsight….

Comment by Deek

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