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Another CLIFFHANGER of a cabin- Parasitic Living/Cabins/Tiny Homes…
January 4, 2011, 10:30 am
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Gawk, point, laugh, take it in, dig it, build it, print it and fold it into a paper swan, whatever….the explanation’s below…

The "Cliffhanger" Cabin- Design and sketch by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

I Sketched this one the other night for possible inclusion in another book down the road- who knows…. I now have a HUGE stack of “unreleased” sketches, cabin and small house design concepts, and more- so its only a matter of time before I do SOMETHING with them- aside from my other new version of “Humble Homes..”- out Fall 2011- via The Lyons Press…(some I might release as a free micro-book/advance, to those who attend our summer workshop). Email me if interested-

Anyway, while I’ve recently been sketching some ideas/plans of treehouse-vacation-shelters/studios, and micro ground-cabins to serve as project proposals for THAT 2011 New England (MA) Hands-On Micro-Shelter Workshop, this one’s NOT along those lines (I needed a mental break I suppose). This sketch is part of a series of designs I have waiting in the wings on “Parasitic Dwelling” (tentative/eventual title)- the attaching and squeezing in (on/under/above) of housing in places otherwise thought impossible. Land- they ain’t makin’ any more of it- so who knows, someday, bizarre ideas like this just may have to come into play….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Also- coming soon I believe, via – a guest post/interview I did with Bryan Lowe- a Seattle Shantyboat builder/enthusiast. Bryan has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and a great guy, so be sure to check it out over in Kent’s world.


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anchor points need to go a *lot* deeper!

Comment by MattyG

Deek I like this concept. Host/parasite ,and yes I agree it could be better than a large dose of fiber for those who can’t go.Is that the Grand Canyon?You could charge admission like the glass walkway out there. Anyway I see endless possibility here in areas over looked for lack of flat ground. Keep it up 😉

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

I’m not sure that the anchors would have to go incredibly deep though- as a good deal of the weight would simply hang from the top/weighed-pad attachment- and the force on the pins would be downward, more than anything. All in all, with a wooden structure, this wouldn’t weight a heck of alot too- aside from the supports themselves of course. Also, IF you could add a “cave-extension” it would be another attaching point (didn’t have the room in the sketch to write that, but it was my intention.

The one thing I forgot to add were “oh-sh-t” back-up cables- from the structure itself up to the horizontal land above- this way, if the structure ever started to fall or fail, your ass would be saved. (I’d probably add details like that later in a connected text page).

Comment by Deek

no offense, but this concept leaves me feeling nauseous!!

Comment by kellicox

No, offense taken….again, its subtitled “The Pant-Soiler”- maybe it should have been “The Nauseater!”. lol.

Comment by Deek

Another good title would be the “permaledge,” which would be in contrast to a portaledge used for big-wall rock climbing. Keep up the ideas! I particularly enjoyed this one.

Comment by Jack Lawrence

Hey- thanks Jack….a cabin only accessible to rock climbers might be interesting- although a pain to stock with food and supplies (and to build)- but you’d have very few people able to vandalize the place!

Comment by relaxshax

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