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101 ITEMS TRASHED- Small House Resolutions for 2011
January 1, 2011, 10:11 am
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DOWNSIZING 101- Baby Steps…

Here's some brightness and cheer to kick off your tiny-house new year (Scotland cottage from

Hope you all had a great New Year! 2010 was a great year for me, this blog, my book, and the launching of Tiny Yellow House TV. A good deal of this success was made more-possible from many new friends I’ve made along the way. Thanks so much to Kent Griswold of, Michael Janzen of, Alex Pino of, Tammy Strobel from, the people of Make Magazine, Readymade Magazine, CBS TV, Jon Kalish of NPR, SEVERAL newspapers in New England, Lara Dean/Pulse Magazine, and many more.

As for last night, on this end, we laid low, tried out a Mediterranean mango-chicken kabob recipe at home, drank a lil’ wine, sat on my couch to sketch a lil’ bit, and little else.  Gone are my days of headbutting volkswagons after bar-hopping in Boston (which might explain the brain damage).

Anyway, since a New Year often comes with resolutions- one of mine is to Downsize- and by downsize, I mean ridding myself of some of the extraneous crap I own….

This is tough, however, as A. I’m into salvage building, and finding, fixing, and reselling junk. B. I have about 32,000 hobbies- all of which take up a good deal of equipment and space….especially the drumming/session recording (which requires a large deal of space-robbing equipment)- I always joke (especially when loading drums into a club) that in my next life I’ll take up the harmonica- better yet, a kazoo (takes less talent- and who doesn’t enjoy a good kazoo solo blurted in the face of another?)

Anyhow, I started MY LIST OF 101 ITEMS Yesterday, and while ridding myself of 101 books, shirts, and trinkets won’t be the answer to my space-needs, its a step in the right direction…after this step, I can try it again- another 101 items- and eventually I’ll be homeless and possessionless on the street and will NEED that aformentioned harmonica to play for street change! Kidding…well….

So….Goodbye Hanks Searles movie-adaptation novel of “Jaws 2” (not sure why I still have it from the 80s, or EVER picked it up), Sayonara fake-prosthetic horror-movie prop-hand from a SAW sneak screening, Nerf rocket launcher- you helped me through some tough times but we must now part ways, and good riddance vhs tapes of gifted movies starring Casper Van Dien that I never even watched- you shall all be donated to some charitable organization- or mass-sold on craigslist so as to fund my next piece of bazooka bubblegum (If I’m lucky).

     Note: The Beckett’s Guide to Reselling Terrible VHS Movies lists the value of one Casper Van Dien movie as a “Slap from the person you’re trying to pawn it off on”. (No true disrespect to Mr. CVD- he actually did a few decent flicks (“Starship Troopers” was pretty killer)…and could tie my ass in a knot, if he ever read this and tracked me down.)

So here’s my mass-craigslist listing instead:

“Dumptruck of Totally Useless Crap For Sale- $10.00 (I’ll pay YOU)- must take all- great for kindling, bulk landfill, or catapulting into the yard of a neighbor you don’t get along with (just don’t tell anyone that it was my idea!). One could also chipper-shred said lot and use the remains as blown-in, loose fill, wall insulation (repurposing!)”.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I didn’t even finish this, I was laughing too much to read! Good luck and happy new year!

Comment by MJ

Happy 2011, Deek! I applaud your intentions to downsize. For me, keeping count is too much of a hassle though. I don’t even use crochet patterns because of the counting thing. 😉 My own efforts at downsizing are slow but steady. If I love it, I keep it. BTW, I love the photo of the colorful little house. (Maybe I’ll save the picture to my already clogged up computer.)

Comment by Lisa

Thanks you two…

yeah- “101” is just a goal to shoot for…a ballpark….again, for starters. Its a forced reason/impetus to get my kiester in gear and get rid of stuff…although environmentally, I never just CHUCK things when I can help it- which makes getting rid of junk/stuff/clutter a lengthier process sometimes….

Comment by relaxshax

I would love to buy these two books, but my son (the computer whiz) advises me that Paypal is absolutely not a trustworthy venue. Are your books for sale at any bookstores in New York State? Thank-you. I can’t wait to get the book.

Comment by ruthlee barton

Hmmm….I haven’t had a problem with it ever- been using it for 10 years almost……if you email me at kid cedar at gmail dot com I can give you a mailing address/po box….thanks

Comment by relaxshax

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