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New Treehouse/Tiny Vacation Cabin/Shelter Base-Design…
December 31, 2010, 2:05 pm
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"The Beak (2)" Treehouse by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen- (it'll perhaps be in my 2nd upcoming tiny house/structure book- or 3rd- who knows...)

And…Here’s another sketch I did the other night of a VERY SIMPLE treehouse/tree-cabin idea- only 4′ by 8′- that could sleep one or two people for vacation-weekends/hunting/writing/snoozing/meditating/sketching (MY intent- a micro-office in a tree (again, a “Troffice”). The sketch shown gives the base-smallest size at which it could be affordably and quickly built- utilizing only 3-4 sheets of stock-size 3/4″ plywood. Naturally other wood is involved, but most of which is small sized lumber that could easily be found/salvaged over time, or bought inexpensively. Its a simple enough project in that it could be built, and then hoisted into a tree in a single day, and could serve as a means to help those not-so-carpentry oriented, to try their hand at several skills, approaches, and the usage of many tools. Its kinda funky/weird too- as opposed to building a boxier shed-like house- not that I have any prob with those (I have built many…).

BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS- ITS TOO DAMN SMALL (you might be thinking)! Well, width and height-wise, a structure like this could certainly be mathematically expanded upon to serve one’s needs. Other changes, such as a support post, to carry the weight of a larger version of this, could very simply be incorporated too.

This is another one of the quick-to-build ideas we could try at our 2011 Tiny Shelter Building Workshop this summer (ONE of the projects/topics of MANY, that we’d be covering and demonstrating). We’ll have many more proposed group project ideas forthcoming too- and even a CONTEST on simple structures soon as well- with some guest/judges. To those interested in perhaps attending- please leave a comment and I’ll get you more info…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

For those treehouse/treehome nuts out there, or those just stumbling on this blog- be sure to check out my book (left hand column to order), or any of the works from David and Jeanie Stiles, and Pete/Peter Nelson of The Treehouse Workshop Inc. (who reviewed my own book VERY favorably- thanks Pete!)


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I am interested in more information on your contest. My designs are little houses and guest casitas. We will be building them with bamboo that we grow here on our farm. My little 1 bedroom homes are about 300 sq ft.

Thanks, love your stuff, wish I had your art talent.

Comment by ginnee

will get/post more info soon ginnee- and I’d LOVE to see your ideas- they sound great/inspiring! Any pics of your lil’ homes you can send this way? in hi-res, if possible. Have a great new year- and thanks for checkin’ out this hokey lil’ blog/your support.

Comment by relaxshax

I like it ! it makes my head start spinin with ideas ( I can’t help it just starts when I wake up )I have been playin with a 4 x 4 x 8 box idea for a while something that I could slide in a pick up bed and go camping. Thanks man

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

Thanks Kevin- yeah, that’s part of the idea- easy to build- easy to move….esp. in any standard mini-trailer…mine’s 4 by 8 feet exactly- one of the reason’s I built “The Boxy Lady” to its specs…

Comment by relaxshax

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