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WBZ/CBS Boston News- On Tiny/Small Houses in Massachusetts….with The Diedricksen Brothers…
December 30, 2010, 12:32 am
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First, for all your newcomers to the site (welcome!)- here’s one of our latest editions of Tiny Yellow House TV (where we’re always in need of sponsors!-

AND Since MANY have emailed and asked about my book (shown in the WBZ/CBS TV Broadcast, you can order it (while I still have copies) by clicking on the lefthand book icon). Thanks!

RE: and Tiny MA Homes on CBS NEWS- AND our Tiny House/Shelter Building workshop for 2011….

     Tonight (or last night, depending on when you read this) WBZ, the CBS affiliate out of Boston, MA ran a story on tiny/small houses, as a means and lifestyle towards living on less in tough economic times. It was based on a shoot, and interviews, at both my house (they call it “tiny”- but its not- more so “small/modest”) and at Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen’s (yes, my brother- same state).

Dustin’s house  is where we’ll be hosting (outdoors AND in) our Tiny House/Shelter Building Workshop 2011 here in Massachusetts (Scituate)- date tba. It’ll be a small group overall (15 or so people tops), and VERY eclectic with TONS involved/planned….email me at if interested….and we’ll keep you updated.

AS for WBZ News (and thank you to Ken Tucci and crew!) You can check out the story/transcript here (and more video):

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Part of a teaser shot of the news segment for WBZ- taken from the stairs to Dustin and Dawn's loft


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Deek, you are my hero! You are living the dream!

Hey, I got your book on Christmas eve and I got so into it I almost forgot to unwrap my Christmas gifts. You sis are a prince amongst men! YOU ROCK! Keep up the great work! =)

Comment by Manny

Hey, thanks so much Manny! Glad the book made it there- more glad you dig it! Well, no, I guess most-glad it made it there, as I don’t want to tick off anyone with “Pitdog” in their email address. Have a great new years! -Deek

Comment by relaxshax

Yo, I meant to type “You Sir, you are a prince amongst men!”

Comment by Manny

That is cool, and a baby on the way… I love to hear about people living small with kids because I am a parent myself. It would be neat if your brother could write a book on living small with a family. Tips, issues, the pluses and anything else would be a great help for people to understand that having kids does not mean having to buy a bigger house.
I remember reading a magazine once when I was pregnant with my three year old daughter and it was talking about the cost of raising a child… I was floored by their figures and could not fathom who would spend that much on a child. I cannot remember the number, but it was something very high and between birth and kindergarten that the amount was spent. Of course then the ads on the next several pages are for toys, those big clunking strollers that do not even fit into the car, and decorations for the nursery. What a waste… and I’ll stop ranting now 😉

Comment by Sarah L.

Please let me know when the work shop is. Thanks

Comment by Jayne

Thanks- will do- I just saved your email and will send you updates, etc…

Comment by relaxshax

hey Sarah- I worked Dustin into some of my new upcoming book on tiny house designs….MORE to come on his place too by means of a guest blog post I’ve been asked to write for Kent Griswold’s One of these days we’ll also FINISH shooting an episode of Dustin and Dawn’s house for “Tiny Yellow House” TV on youtube- but the baby’s a time priority for them right now- obviously. Dustin will be part of our summer building workshop as well…

Comment by relaxshax

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