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TONIGHT on WBZ TV 4 News Out of Boston, MA (and another Cape Cod Tiny Dune Home!)
December 29, 2010, 12:16 pm
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Today's EYE CANDY: Another beach shack near Provincetown, MA (near the famous Truro Beach Shack Compound?).

Beginning tonight, running in their 11 pm news segment, WBZ Channel 4 TV News out of Boston (covering a good chunk of all of New England too) will be running a piece on my home, my brother Dustin’s home (and his Wife Dawn Diedricksen), and the whole small housing movement and its ties to environmentalism and thrift. I’m sure it’ll be a short segment, as it is the news, so don’t blink.

I yacked with host Ken Tucci about my work with Dustin on helping to rennovate his home, my own work with micro-structures and design- alongside my book, and a whole lot more, but we’ll see how much makes the final short edit. Still- can’t complain- it was a blast, and we’re getting the word out there! We also spoke a little on the upcoming Summer 2011 workshop on tiny building/carpentry that Dustin and I will be hosting out of his home and seaside property in Scituate, MA….again, not sure what will make the cut though….

For more info on that tiny house/treehouse/micro-architecture workshop in Massachusetts–

It will be a VERY small group all in all, as space (physically, and LITERALLY) is limited. If interested- let me know so I can email you updates…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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