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Tiny Massachusetts Cabins/Homes in a BLIZZARD….
December 27, 2010, 12:19 pm
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My "Hickshaw" micro-cabin- in the deep snow of MA- this cabin is for sale ($1500.00- all cedar and mobile- money will go to fund more of our videos and travel for BETTER video/subject destinations- if you buy it, I just might name the next micro-shelter after YOU too- just for kicks (well, maybe not, if your last name is "Hugefarter" or something ridiculous.))

The beauty of heating your home with a woodstove, is that with power outtages everywhere (luckily not us, or I wouldn’t be posting this), you really don’t have to worry so much about snowstorms. On the otherhand, you do have to worry about every neighbor wanting to stay at your home when all hell breaks loose and there’s no heat elsewhere.

Anyway, I trudged out in the snow this morning (18″ or so, and STILL comin’ down) to take a few photos of my cabins, and the neighborhood. Dustin (my brother) is in Scituate, MA- and while they didn’t get much snow, many areas of his town saw over EIGHT FEET of flooding- we’re talking houses in mid-water in some areas. Yikes! I talked to him this morning and his tiny home is high n’ dry.

My neighbor's small house across the street

Another snow-covered neighborhood home

Enough bloggin'-I gotta get back to work!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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no time to see how your veg oil heater does in such cold conditions?

Comment by MattyG

I gotta dig that cabin out first! lol. No, I’ve shot some of the heater already- but then had some probs with it, and have to tweak a few things as I don’t want anyone building it the wrong way, or using it the wrong way, and gettin’ hurt. Prob-is, flip cam lens keeps foggin’ up when its too cold out too!

Comment by relaxshax

The snow is beautiful… My luck with getting snow wherever I am is bad. Where I live we kept getting missed, but now that I’m visiting family upstate they are not getting snow and where I live has just been dumped on. I want to see wonderful big fluffy flakes falling from the sky, UGH!

Comment by Sarah L.

Yeah- I hear ya- the snow’s great/beautiful…but the chiropractic bills after shoveling it aren’t! 🙂


Comment by relaxshax

Remember to lift with your legs not your back ;-)It’s a good workout! 😀

Comment by Sarah L.

yeah- I try….”Tall man’s syndrome” though- I STILL always end up killin’ myself (most pains originating from old sports, concert, and carpentry injuries/bodily abuse). 😦

Comment by relaxshax

Hi Derek,
Please tell me about the Hickshaw cabin…dimensions and such. Insulation? Anything you think may be pertinent to an interested party. Thanks.

Comment by Rose

Hey- thanks…
The hickshaw is cedar (walls, floor, and baseframe)- on wheels….it was designed as a mobile micro-office, sleeper, and/or sauna/hot-rocks sauna/mini-shed- etc- all in one. The roof is made from ultra-rugged, clear- tuftex- like an ultra durable roofing plastic….7 feet long- approx. 3 feet wide (perhaps a little narrower), lightweight, easy to move- and it was in “Tiny Yellow House Episode 1” on if you want to see more- which has over 46,000 views now. It’ll also be shown/featured in my upcoming 2011-released tiny housing book through The Lyons Press- on NPR, etc….although small, it took quite a bit of time to make- esp. considering a good many of the materials were recycled and repurposed, so as to prove/make a point. Thanks…

Comment by relaxshax

Oh, I forgot to say that I live in Central MA. Also, I was thinking of trying the heater but you seem to be saying it needs some work and that, perhaps, people should hold off in making/using one?

Comment by Rose

Yeah- hold off for now- at least on multiple wicks- it works, but has to be made fairly precisely- more to come….and eventually a video (to now be reshot). Thanks

Comment by relaxshax

i built a dog house (it ended up being squatted by a cat) this fall. i’ve been looking at making one human size with a bunk over the front entrance. it looks a lot like your little house.

Comment by kellicox

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