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Container Homes/Tiny Housing Complex
December 27, 2010, 5:53 pm
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Sorry to bury my “Tiny Cabins In a MA Blizzard” post so quickly (you can scroll down to check it out)- I just saw this very cool/vivid photograph from an entry on “15 container homes” over on (a great site), and had to share…. Jetson Green has more info/specifics on this….

This shot would make a great wall hanging/print!

Also, in the ongoing updates for my hands-on tiny house/carpentry workshop this summer in Scituate, MA– I forgot to mention, in the spirit of simplicity and thrift/conservation, that we’ll also be doing a few solar oven/cooking demonstations courtesy of support in this endeavor from Weather pending, we’ll be cooking some of our provided meals for the attendees on a trio of solar cookers- one of them a model I myself built from curbside materials/salvaged goods. THESE things get scorching hot- as all skeptics will see.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Thanks, Deek! These are some of the most impressive container designs I’ve seen so far… a few of them are really beautiful!

Comment by MJ

And affordable! I’ve wanted to get my hands on a container for a looong time….someday…..

Comment by relaxshax

Daaamn. Just came across your blog and it makes me smile. I guess I’m a “tiny houser” (just discovered that phrase existed an hour ago) myself. Blog about it over at, and have an overview of the renovation of my little wooden caravan (given to me by some lazy folks who needed to move and didn’t want to bother to take their garden shed with them)

There are tons of mini villages/communites of people living in these things in Germany. Most are semi legal or squatted, but despite legal issues, there are almost 200 in Germany I think.

High fives to you.

Comment by clickclackgorilla

Thank you for posting about Container Homes, we run a series of How to Build your own Shipping Container Home videos over at for anyone interested in the Owner Builder or DIY space.

Are you offering a ebook or down-loadable version of your Humble Homes book ?

Comment by Shipping Container Homes

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