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December 23, 2010, 2:36 pm
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A "Troffice" Treehouse-Office- design/sketch by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

THIS- is a “slop-sketch” (a quick, while-watching-late-night tv idea-sketch) of one of the possible structures we could build in this workshop- a simple shelter, in a tree- and one that has to be buildable in a single day or two….Its what I dub “The Troffice”- a treehouse/office-slash-micro-guest sleeper/cabin.”Troffice” I suppose, is another bizarre term/abomination of the English language courtesy of yours truly (can’t find a single reference to the word in several google searches- so consider it “coined”- lol).

Anyway, as promised- here’s a few more things we’re workin’ on/trying to lock in for a tiny house/micro-architecture workshop this summer- most likely in the seaside town of Scituate, MA…..with the use of a private beach ta’ boot- during our breaks/during a few of the days segments too.

It’ll be a one or two day event with…

  1. Several Guest Speakers (while hosted by myself and Dustin Diedricksen)
  2. An Open House in Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen’s Small home- to illustrate small space efficiency and design, with a hands-on, actually tangible example. Several “Turniture” pieces will be shown first hand too.
  3. Several video presentations on our tiny housing work- some unseen.
  4. Several of my micro shelters on hand from my “Tiny Yellow House” TV show and projects, to paw through/check out.
  5. A collaborative hands-on shelter/treehouse project to help build simple building skills, tricks, and tips for those attending.
  6. A demonstration, and later incorporation, on makeshift “redneck”, window construction- using salvaged/found/free materials.
  7. A nighttime, campfire speaking session, discussion group- possibly tied into the town’s tiny independent bookstore (itself a former tiny home).
  8. Meals- all included- a few Boy Scout/Eagle Scout “roughin’ it” cooking tricks and methods (open fire)
  9. A hands-on pallet-demo from Dustin- “Dr. Demolition” himself, alongside a showing of his interior-design pallet walls.
  10. A warm-up carpentry project in which we build some free-pallet-wood chairs and other useful items- to be given away.
  11. Several provided materials, plans, and other gift-bag items will be included and given to each who attends.

Yeah- again- it’ll be a “deathwish-paced” day of fun, hands-on, learning-simply because we aim to provide as much instruction and entertaining as possible.

The date in June or July will soon be announced- and in the meantime, to all who might be interested, please email me at . To any who might also be interesting in speaking (especially as you’ll end up on “Tiny Yellow House” TV to promote what YOU do) please contact me as well.

Again, we’re going to lock a date down, and workshop price- once we figure out how many expenses we’ll have.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Thanks for your time, and spread the word to any tiny house, small housing, cabin, fort, and micro-dwelling fanatics out there….


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