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“Oh sh-t, here comes a hill!” A micro-camper fused with a bicycle!
December 20, 2010, 9:09 pm
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If  Schwinn and Winnebago had a lovechild….

VERY cool, as long as you live in the midwest here in the US, where there are no hills….otherwise, you better have quads like Lou Ferigno!

It seems a cool little tiny housing/small home or camper/rv-alternative option though- even if just temporarily….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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The only way this would be usable here in the Ozark Mountains would be if it were horse drawn.

Comment by Lisa

Oh I hear ya- or tied to a huge hot-air balloon…

Comment by relaxshax

My quads hurt just looking at it. But it’s pretty awesome in the same breath. Throw some regenerative hub motors on there, maybe some solar panels on the roof, and you may not die going up a hill. 🙂

Comment by Richard Kolkovich

Richard Kolkovich.

I’m Ozzie Radakovich from Lika, Croatia.

Are you Yugo too?

Comment by Ozzie Radakovich

The name’s Croatian, but I’m 3rd generation American. Great-grandfather came over in 1902 (age 4). 🙂

Comment by Richard Kolkovich

wow! that is a super piece of work. reposted it to my local bike co-ops facebook. thanks!

Comment by kellicox

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