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Treehouse Daydreamin’
December 18, 2010, 5:53 pm
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Preference-wise, I love my tiny houses/small homes up in the air, so how can you go wrong with this one?

Can’t wait til the weather’s warm again in these parts, so we can get a’crackin’ on the treehouse collaboration we have in store- and man oh man, do we have a TON of freecycled and salvaged materials saved up already. In the meantime, as its ten degrees out, and I’m swamped with other projects (redesigning an existing side foyer to my home, complete with a secret passage way) I’ll just have to mostly settle with droolin’ over some treehouse photos. I believe the one above is from Pete Nelson’s book “New Treehouses of the World”.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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That’s gorgeous…and now for something completely different (though still small and eco friendly) the worlds smallest solar powered movie theatre…inside a vintage trailer… if you want to take a peek, it seats 8 and is solar powered, it travels the U.K. and has an usherette and popcorn…

Comment by Becky

Gorgeous…here is a trailer that you might like(it’s a movie theatre inside a trailer)
powered by solar panels..

Comment by Becky

oops, hit post twice, sorry!

Comment by Becky

no prob- going to check it out- thanks!

Comment by relaxshax

Love it! Question: Where do you get all that Recycled “stuff”?
Anywhere I have been…the PTB frown on “scavenging”.


Comment by Richard Calderhead

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