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A Shantyboat Photo Gallery (then we’ll get back to “Tiny Land-Homes”, I promise…
December 17, 2010, 9:14 am
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Here’s a micro-shantyboat/houseboat/floating home photo gallery….

I’ve been slowly sketching more design ideas for a ultra-mini “Shelter” boat (not quite a “houseboat”) that I eventually plan to build when its not 17 degrees out (literally- my woodstove is roarin’ right now to combat the cold). The boat will be named “The Hunkajunk”- and we’ll film its maiden, beer-laden, voyage on the Scituate, MA North River most likely (mainly because its laden with a few tiny beach houses that will additionally be filmed/showcased). I’m sure I’ll eventually elaborate on the sketched plans and include them in one of my upcoming tiny house books too.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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There was a nice article in the recent Backwoodsman magazine about houseboats. You might want to check it out (magazine is very DIY, might be right up your alley).

Comment by Andrew

thanks andrew- will do. I know that mag only by name- but will have to check it out now.

Comment by relaxshax

to cool sidetrack all you like living aboard is still tiny livin in my book 🙂

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

yeah- that’s the way I feel too…great thing about shantyboatin’- its MOBILE livin- usually with a better view- well, depending where you are…

Comment by relaxshax

Hi for a moment in the top b\w photo i thought they had a sky dish on their boat!

Comment by cheerfulmum

Order and paid for two of the book, one in november, and no word. Will you be shipping soon? Btw… Top boat is mine. Bryan

Comment by Bryan

hey bryan- what’s the last name?- anything that’s been paid for on record has been sent out long ago….esp. if you paid for it by media- I mean the USPS is slow, but not THAT slow… me at Did you pay by paypal or snail mail. The only held payment/shipment I have it from someone whose paypal account provides no mailing address, and no email whatsoever- which is bizarre- meaning I can’t email this person to find out where to ship this! lol. It could be you- I’ll check. The package is all ready to go, it just doesn’t have an address as I was never given one. Otherwise, all else has been shipped out and is accounted for.
Also- when I have a chance- if game, I’d love to interview on the boat…..its great looking/nice work!

Comment by relaxshax

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