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New Lo-fi “Suburban Redneck” Tiny-house/shelter Video…
December 14, 2010, 10:12 am
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Here’s another lil’ hokey flip camera video that I shot in preparation for a tv/film crew (WBZ TV News- Boston, MA) who were coming out to my house to shoot a segment on “Tiny Living” (Tiny homes/houses/cabins, etc- the whole movement in general)

THIS IS NOT a real episode of Tiny Yellow House- these are just the side videos I shoot to keep myself busy….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

And yeah, more or less all three cabins are for sale- as festival sleepers/campers, guest shelters, saunas, sheds, chicken coops, etc- there could be a ton of uses for them (even pre-fabbed treehouses- just hoist ’em onto a tree platform). Again, they’re niche market, so if they don’t sell, I have many other plans for them (blowing them up with tnt on video!- kidding….then again…). Also, as I mentioned, if we find any buyers/show supporters, we just may have to name the next cabin after you- well, as long as your last name isn’t something vile/offensive sounding (insert non-pc jokes here…).


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If I had a backyard I would buy the Gypsy Junker. That thing is rad. Can you put it on hold until I find a home mortgage to throw my life savings into (yard included hopefully). Please tell me they aren’t priced as high as the tumbleweed homes (60K!!!!)… It’s gotta be a couple thousand at least? Does it come with the vegetable oil stove?? Keep up the good work Deek.

Comment by Jack Lawrence

Thanks- lol. I’d like to get $2000.00 for it- as small as it is, it took forever to build- and “forever more” to find all the materials….again, the money would just go towards building another new project (for another episode of the show) or two…
thanks jack- have a good holiday!

Comment by relaxshax

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