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A Tiny Maine Cabin (480 Sq. Feet) from Dwell Magazine
December 11, 2010, 6:51 pm
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Dwell Magazine carried this tiny home/house/cabin recently…a 480 square foot cabin, that’s rigged with solar panels, composting toilets, outdoor shower, a graywater system and much more. also carried this recently- they have a great site- check ’em out.

Anyway, forget a vacation house, this place looks pretty damn full-time liveable to me- not to mention easy enough to build.


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Oh wow, that is such a nice house. I really like the couch although I would build the bookshelves all the way to the ceiling. Books are the one thing I cannot help but horde, because for every one I get rid of somehow three or four make into my house.

Comment by Sarah L.

yeah- I’m a huge book hoarder too, and as of now, still don’t really have any attraction to online/downloadable books….that’s just me though- I guess I’m a dinosaur! I know its not environmentally “nice”- but in defense of my tastes, I almost ONLY buy books used, at tag sales, etc. Bookshelves are a must!

Comment by Deek

I have a hard time reading books when they are on the computer screen because my mind wanders too much and I cannot keep my place with a bookmark or my thumb like I do with books.
I agree most of my books have been freebies or the library sales. I love it when I can stuff a bunch of books in a bag and pay only $3 for all of them. Sometimes I will go to the used store or browse the discounted books at major retailers, but that is rare.

Comment by Sarah L.

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