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Tom O’Rourke’s Cabin….a one-month build…
December 7, 2010, 8:40 pm
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Tom O’Rourke sent me a few cabin pix of his a little ways back, and this tiny little getaway house he’s the proud owner of was a family/friend constructed affair, and utilized a good portion of recycled cedar. This cabin was completed in one month. I hope to talk to Tom again soon (when I’m not working on a book deadline) and even interview him, for more information on this cozy little cabin.

By the way, I didn’t even think I’d have time to post at all today as a TV crew for a large Boston station came (details to come) to my house to interview me on the small house movement and my book, but voila! -its a short one, but I did squeeze it in. In another rare instance of getting more done than I had planned, I also was able to shoot a mini video in my backyard of my “triumvirate of tininess”- my three little micro shelters. This was the first time I’ve had them all lined up in the same spot, and cleaned up, so I figured I had to take some photos and footage. A fourth little indoor/fort cabin also makes an appearance in the video, as well as my “workshop”- giving my backyard a “Grounded Ewok Village” look.


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I think i’m in love…..with the cabin that is;)

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

I like his windows – I wished I made the windows in my cabin a bit bigger, both for light and summetime air circulation, although smaller windows are good when the place is locked up for months at a time.

also – nestled under those big pines looks great – the chunks that fall during a storm are usually not too big to cause any damage and make great kindling!


Comment by Rod

yeah- I’m a fan of the scattered, free-form window look. Graham Burnett’s office shed in the UK I believe) has the same cool look….

Comment by relaxshax

That is a real beauty of a cabin. Simple, old-fashioned board and batten and no plywood in sight.

Comment by paleotool

Yeah, I think board n’ batten, look-wise, is the way to go….real appealing- and simple to install…heavy as heck in treehome applications, but that’s the only tangent downside I can think of, aside from plywoods multi-directional strengths….

Comment by relaxshax

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