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Wine bottle lamp- from my book…in the “flesh”
December 6, 2010, 10:36 am
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Some COOL houseboat photos to be posted soon- perhaps later today- time depending….but as for the vino…

A rough-cut wine bottle lamp (unfinished) by the blog's author

This didn’t come out so “gorgeous” and still needs to be sanded and trimmed out, but as I’m re-building my side foyer of my own small home for more storage space/use as a pantry, I decided to have some fun and take apart a lighting fixure and reconfigure it into a wine bottle lamp. I DO love the stuff- so might as well pay homage to it, while recycling- and since this blog’s all about tiny housing, as well as salvage construction, I thought this might fit the bill….


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what type of fitting is that for the bulb? Cluster a few more together and you have an expensive fixture sold by Pottery Barn;) Nice look!

Comment by Becky

Very cool. I think I see the bottom is cut off? How did you do that?

Comment by Solar Burrito

Personally, I do it with a wet tile saw and slowly rolling it onto the diamond blade. Works a lot better than you might think.

Comment by Otakop

Love the lamp…I have been trying to makes these since high school and I have not come up with a good way of cutting the bottle without making it a dead trap for tall people. Any suggestions senior Deek? Best practices, etc.? (For those without fancy diamond bladed wet tile saws?)

Comment by Shelton

I used a cheapo-harbor freight wet tile saw- with the factory blade it came with, for that one. I’ve cut well over 40 bottles with the same blade, and its still going strong. Its not the cleanest cut, but I haven’t broken, or wasted one bottle yet- not even on the first try. Like Okatop said, just slowly roll the bottle through the blade. And if you ever need these for Earthship-style bottle walls, the interior/hidden cuts won’t be seen anyway. If you need a clean edge, you can sand, dremel, or torch the heck out of the edge….you always need to sand the edges at least a little…

Comment by relaxshax

Great minds think alike, mi amigo.

Comment by Otakop

“confuscious says…” lol. Have a good night….new post comin’ atcha in a sec

Comment by relaxshax

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