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A Modern Houseboat/Floating Home
December 6, 2010, 11:36 pm
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"THE Hickshaw"- from Tiny Yellow House Episode #1 on youtube- I've been thinking of "pontoonifying" (no, not a real word) it- for a river adventure/episode...

As for what’s BELOW- I’ve seen one photo of this kickin’ around in the past, but not these others, which I recently came across. A very cool design, whether for land or sea. I’ve been wanting to build a tiny just-for-kicks “shelter-boat” (a micro-houseboat) or “shelter skiff” (I’m coinin’ new terms here left and right today- lol), and am now thinking that I might just add pontoons to “The Hickshaw” (Tiny Yellow House Episode #1) to see how it handles some local rivers. It’d be hilarious, as well as a hell of alot of fun!


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You may wish to look up Shanty Boats because they have been around for years and years! If you do want to do something like that let me know I can point you where to go looking…

Making a pair of hulls wouldn’t be to costy IF you keep them a very simple shape… I am working on a hull form for a 15 to 19 foot hull that you could deck over and put one of your already built shacks on… Just an idea.

Blessings Kriss

Comment by Kristine Bennett

thanks kriss! yeah- big shantyboat fan- own all the Harlan Hubbard books, as several others….inspiring stuff!

Comment by relaxshax

Where I live you would only want go out on/in it when the wind is not blowing to hard.

If you think someone would like to build a relax shack on a small power catamran let me know. I can work up the hull and deck drawings for it if you like.

There is kinda a rule of thumb for a boat 8-4-2… Entertain-8 Feed-4 Sleep-2. With something like I’m thinking it would me more like 3-2-2 face it there is not a lot of room on an 8 x 12 deck. Unless you make the hulls around 19 feet long and not the 15 feet, then you could have a 16 foot deck.

Comment by Kristine Bennett

This is a really kewl idea. Not only could you have one of these in the backyard as a guest house or a writer’s/painter’s retreat or a playhouse for the kids, if you live in any area that tends to flood (Mississippi or Louisiana,) you’re totally prepared to sail away to safety. Great job; love it!

Comment by West Winds Loft

yeah- didn’t even consider the “noah’s ark” flood factor…..there could be a market for larger versions of these down in bayou country- then again, most people down there would build ’em themselves- which is great….

Comment by relaxshax

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