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A new tiny house project Sloooowly begins “The Toadhill Treehouse”
December 5, 2010, 9:39 am
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‘Was sick all yesterday and the nightbefore, hence no post yesterday….Some kinda stomach bug or food poisoning- I won’t get into details…But I’m back in action now- Well, 75% back.

Anyway, my neighbor and I (Paul LaCivita (the “Disgruntled Neighbor” in my “Tiny Yellow House” youtube videos) are slowly plotting and planning for a treehouse to be built on land adjacent to our homes (my neighbor’s extra plot) for use as a guest house or sorts. This treehome will be heated, insulated, and constructed with a wild variety of salvaged materials of course! In fact, just the other week, we came across a craigslist add from a gent who was giving away huge amounts of lumber. Well, after a quick trip at night in the soaking rain, we came back with a trailer-load of wood- some of it pressure treated, and one or two boards of sixteen foot lengths even! Just goes to show, there’s a ton of free materials out there if you do a little lookin’.

Add this wood to a FREE materials list that now includes…

-One entire living room’s worth of ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD bead-board/wainscotting (eight foot lengths!) that I received from a neighbor who was remodeling. The nail pulling took me about five hours, but the wood is gorgeous- and probably worth quite a bit of money.

-A HUGE double-pane bay window I picked up on the side of the road- it probably cost over $1000 new- easily. 

-Several very nice double-paned windows, as well as a large assortment of other randomly sized windows and sashes.

-A six panel pine door- in great shape. We had four in total actually- but have sold three of them- so as to “bank” some money for other expenses in this project.

-One rustic, wooden, windowed, exterior door

-Assorted furniture pieces- including two antique rocking chairs that I fixed up with minimal work.

And lots of other odds and ends….

We won’t get started on the actual construction of this until summer most likely (as I have a ton of other projects on the slate), but assuming all goes as planned (and Paul and I don’t kill each other), I can’t wait to get crackin’ on this .

And yes, I’m sure we’ll eventually film it for an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” on youtube.


Also- we’re looking for some cool, original stained glass window pieces- and we’re willing to trade for them, or trade ad-spots/time in our “Tiny Yellow House” episodes (perhaps, for your stained glass work/etsy site/shop, etc).


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Deek, stick with projects please, and dimensions etc-

Comment by frank

Hey frank- not sure if you mean THIS post’s projects, or just featuring others instead, etc. Either way, I’m always going to provide a mix when possible. Thanks for reading- have a great weekend

Comment by relaxshax

That little trailer and that load of lumber is plenty to make a shelter Built on top of that trailer. Something that you can pull into any campsite or in my case, the farm.

Just like the little yellow house, thats all is needed, NOT just in case of emergency, but FOR FUN.

Great post.


Comment by ozzie

I actually have comtemplated building a camper-home on my trailer- only problem is- I need my trailer for so many other things and use it so frequently, that ultimately I’d have to get another, or devise an EASY way to remove the housing-body from the trailer singlehandedly…..but its certainly something I’ve thought of…

Comment by relaxshax

We are in the same page.

I have at my cabin an small room , single bed, small table for cooking and eating, a shelving for computer, books, and protection items, from floor to ceiling. 6 1/2 feet wide by 7 feet long.

But I still want and I’m lookinf for an small trailer like the ones with the teardrop travel trailers. Something that I can make to my spect’s and not cost an arm and a leg. Something that If I decide to abandon wont hurt much.
But it has to be LOW PROFILE

Comment by ozzie

Sorry to hear you were sick. I got sick right after Thanksgiving and have heard of several others. At least in my case it wasn’t food poisoning because I was the only one who got sick. Hope it doesn’t make the rounds of your family.

If you find a source for the stained glass windows could you post it? I’d love a hummingbird stained glass window for my tiny home when I get one.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

Hey Timaree- I was on recently, and if you simply type in “stained glass” window- you’ll find several pages of them for sale! Actually- I HAVE a hummingbird stained glass window- well, kinda mock glass….

Anyway, check etsy- and you’ll find a list of artisans who can custom make you one….

Comment by relaxshax

In regards to stained glass I thought I’d get in a little plug for these guys in Greensburg, KS:

Who knows? They might be open to a trade.

(I am in no way affiliated with Studio 54 Glass.)

Comment by Kay in KCMO

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