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Underground Home/House in Switzerland
December 3, 2010, 9:21 pm
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This one is located in the Swiss village of Vals. Not a tiny/small house by any means, but being a fan/daydreamer of underground homes, I couldn’t resist. Start saving…(and good luck!)

Here’s a link for more info on this dwelling:



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Am I seeing things correctly? Are those roofing beams and the bookshelves made out of corrugated cardboard? If not, it sure looks that way.

Comment by Otakop

Yeah I’m wondering too cause that is what it looks like at first glance. Maybe it is some kinda pressed wood.

Comment by Sarah L.

I’m not sure myself- they may just be huge LVL beams- as I don’t think pressed cardboard could sustain such a large downward force/weight (huge amount of earth above)- could be wrong though…

Comment by relaxshax

Well, it IS edge-on and multi-ply, so who knows. I have a great book I HIGHLY recommend to you, Deek, called ‘Nomadic Furniture’ by James Hennessey & Victor Papanek. The have some cardboard construction that is nothing short of amazing ( ).

Comment by Otakop

The buried portion of an underground home basically functions as a massive retaining wall and is generally constructed of reinforced concrete. The “beams” in the photo are merely decorative, not structural.

My main concern with earth-sheltered homes is water infiltration. This isn’t as big a concern in dry climates, such as the U.S. Southwest, where folks have built those ultra-cool Earthships from recycled materials.

Comment by Jaye Bayfield

What a beautiful setting, such an interesting home.

Comment by Ann

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