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THE WINO’S WINDOW- as realized by Harrison Reynolds
December 1, 2010, 6:42 pm
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"Deeks Wino Window/Lamp"- as built/expanded upon by Harrison Reynolds of VT.

Harrison Reynolds (and his wife Ellie) own one of the cooler treehouses out there (which I’ll blog on and showcase soon enough). I’ve been talking to “H” behind the scenes here and there since he bought my tiny housing/homes book, and received this email from him today…

Hi Deek,

     This my Deek inspired lamp …officially the “Deek Wino Lamp” from your book… using three wine bottles..It will get some exposure/showcasing on and my page,

Darn flattered that someone took the time to build this, although the title might get some people talkin’- lol. Thanks Harrison- some GREAT woodworking there! This lil’ window/lamp, in a simpler form, would be perfect for tiny homes, cabins, vacation shacks, or simply for those on a budget, looking to build their own unique homes. LOTS of caulk would have to be employed if you want any kind of R-Value though for insulation.



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