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A Pallet-house from
November 30, 2010, 8:16 pm
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Update: Only approx. 80-90 copies of my tiny housing book are left (left hand column to order) before I take it out of print to make way for a NEW, bigger, follow-up to be released through The Lyons Press.

As for the photo: ‘LOVE this one! I have a few tiny house-pallet construction ideas in my own book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”, and some tutorial info within from pallet pros like Michael Janzen, but this is certainly a different, yet simple look in the field. Its from

By the way, my next book has EVEN more on pallet usage and construction when it comes to micro-architecture/tiny homes. My deadline for the book is in a few days, and aside from not sleeping much lately from working on it, I can’t wait to see the final product down the road!

AND…sidenote, FINALLY, our Jay Shafer/Tumbleweed Tiny House Company episode of “Tiny Yellow House TV” on youtube will be up pretty soon- we just need one more sponsor so we can break even on equipment rentals, etc. If you want to reach a TON of people, email me at

Our latest video on a “fold-down fort” (a prototype for a larger “tiny” house/shelter) has now received 32,000+ views in only 5 days!



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HI DEEK!I´m claudia, from Argentina ,I live in a “tiny” city called Tucuman.I head from small structures 2 live a long time ago but not as cool as yours, well here is difficult 2 build with wood because we have humidity,well my best,and you have a fan in southamerica!

Comment by claudia

thanks so much for checkin in! Send me some photos if you ever have any- of the town, houses, etc- to


Comment by relaxshax

hey Deek i was woundering what the average time to ship the book is i ordered it nov 30 about an hour after this post i live in WV.

Comment by geoslim16

All books but one have gone out- so you should be set- what’s the full name? Thanks! I’m pretty sure I remember filling out a WV address though- so it should be en route as of a few days ago- via media…

Comment by relaxshax

hi again my name is stephen keller again i was using the nintendo wii to check for comments earlier [still am just logged in]

Comment by geoslim16

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