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Andrea Funk’s Michigan Cabin
November 27, 2010, 10:09 am
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Thanks Andrea, for sending me a series of photos in submission for my upcoming book (we’re just about at my final deadline now). if you have any last minute photos you want to send this way. The publisher saw the photos I’ve chosen so far, and LOVED THEM- and now wants to expand the color insert section of the book.

Here’s a few shots (she sent many more) of a cabin she completed in Olivet Michigan that sits not so far off from her main home. Its got a cool mini-loft in half of its gable space, and some nice cedar shingle work ta’ boot (her very first time at it, she claims).

Looks like a real cozy place to simple get away from it all, or a great tiny house-design option for those looking to scale down.

I really like that loft’s arched window too- although, unless second-hand or salvaged, it could be a bit pricey. Its a real nice touch to the exterior facade of this great lil’ cabin though. The cabin, by the way, was made by both David Johnson, and Andrea.


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These cabins are great looking and small.
Thats the danger. Once you get to live in a small place like these, “YOU GET HOOKED”.
You inmediatly start getting rid of any and all excess goods you collect for years and start a new life. Specially if youre single.

My belongnings I can place them in a compact car and move any time or place if I so desire. Its seems to be great but I havent experience the opposite reaction yet. (for every action there is an opposite reaction, blah blah).
dont know if its healty either.
For sure, its a lot of savings on utilities and living on the mountains there is not many places to go for a night out. You save a lot.


Comment by ozzie

I love all the windows. Are there any interior photos available? Did she design the cabin or were the plans purchased? If so, where? Thanks so much for posting this. It is a great looking cabin.

Comment by Mary Lee

wasn’t sent any interior photos- but if I get some, I will post them…

Comment by relaxshax

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