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New tiny home/house composting toilet/bucket toilet video
November 26, 2010, 6:12 pm
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Great for temporary or permanent use in tiny cabins, small houses, emergency usage, and especially on boats. And I know, yeah, yeah, a Baby Ruth would have been better, but post-halloween, we only had Almond Joys left (apparently the least favorite of my family).

For MUCH more info, check out Joseph Jenkins’ “The Humanure Handbook”


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What kind of sawdust works best (cedar, pine, oak, doesn’t matter…etc..)?

Comment by Otakop

What about toilet paper? Do you compost it too or throw it into the garbage?

Comment by Daniel

You could build up the legs by adding additional wood to the inside areas of the legs, it’s a nice looking box…love the candy bar;)lol…we lived for 9 mos. with a chemical toilet, but it was a flusher, you had to pour a bucket of water in (pull out a lever, pour water, push lever back in), and it ran out to I believe a holding tank out far away in the yard. We got the water from a spring house set into a hill. Unfortunately the spring water was contaminated by a mine on the hill, so was not potable, but we ‘showered’ with it in the concrete floored springhouse sometimes in the summer also.

Comment by Becky

Pine would probably break down faster, cedar shavings would probably last longer before breaking down, since cedar wood is rot resistant, but cedar smells good;) oak would break down fairly quickly also(just general wood knowledge)

Comment by Becky

nice crappy comodetary on the organic loo with a vue. like the tribute to caddy shack.
Bill would be proud. they really don’t stink I tested mine in 100 degree heat this summer, Wife approved!

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

Thanks all…yeah, go with pine shavings if you have ’em- cedar takes longer to rot…NEVER used pressure treated shavings, or plywood sawdust if you ever plan on composting the “product”.

Comment by relaxshax

Thanks, Deek. Pine is very easy to get here in Virginia so I’d probably have to go with that. Cedar is hard to almost impossible to get here unless you get the stuff for gerbil cages.

Comment by Otakop

you hand make your tp out of pressed sawdust, natch, lol(kidding!)…probably want to go with the tp they sell for camping, it breaks down faster, I think..:)

Comment by Becky

Yeah- prob does break down faster (camping tp) but any ole stuff should work and is more or less designed to break down quickly, so as not to clog septic systems…
Thanks Becky!

Comment by relaxshax

You could use the old-fashioned TP, Newsprint. My great-grandparents had an outhouse where they used old newspapers as TP. It works better than one might think and breaks down pretty quick too. Balling it up very tightly before use makes it surprisingly soft and doubling it over makes it strong as to prevent…awkward surprises.

Comment by Otakop

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