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A Tiny Turkey House- Happy Thanksgiving!
November 25, 2010, 8:24 am
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Tiny Turkey House (No, we're not REALLY going to build this) by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Happy Thanksgiving to all!– well, to all who observe it/celebrate it. Here’s a goofy lil’ sketch I whipped up last night while working on my new drawings for tiny housing book #2.

As ridiculous as the drawing is, with sculpted ferrocement construction, anything is possible in terms of housing- well, just about.

Also, that fold-down fort on Make Magazine’s youtube channel hit 21,000 views in ONE DAY! Holy Schnikeys! (its posted two posts deep on this blog).


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Happy Thanksgiving, Deek! Hope it is a good one for you.
I’ve never had too much success working with Ferrocement. I would love to use it to cover the dome I’m building, but will probably use fiberglass resin on cotton canvas to cover the frame.

Comment by Otakop


Design for vegetarians. (an old Indian proverb)


Vegetarians: means, “BAD HUNTER”


Comment by ozzie

I guess the design for vegetarians would look like a large carrot and have a spiral staircase as the central focal-point.

Comment by Otakop

A Carrot-Cabin might be pretty cool actually…as a giant lookout-type tower…lol..

Comment by relaxshax

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