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my NEW Make Magazine video is up AND MORE (my cabin and art for sale)…
November 23, 2010, 8:15 pm
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    I have about 2-3 other mini-videos on the way for this particular blog and its whole micro-architecture/self-built homes theme, real soon…but in the meantime, here’s the latest for Make Magazine Online- a folding fort/table/shelving unit I built and designed- based off some ideas from both my existing book (“Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” which you can preview/order in the left-hand column of this blog), and my in-the-works, upcoming book from The Lyons Press (Fall 2011).

Oh yeah- THE FOLDING FORT IS FOR SALE…and I’m going to donate a VERY sizeable chunk of the proceeds, if I find anyone interested, to charity (prob. Habitat For Humanity or The Arbor Day Foundation), AND the rest will go towards shooting another video (buying materials, etc) for another Make/ video. Price-wise, make an offer I guess…(great for a dentist office if you want to scare someone?). I self described it (which didn’t make THIS video cut) as “Dr. Seuss meets psychedelic vomit”. Who knows…

Also- My Boxy Lady Cabin (A mobile cabin/sleeper-slash-koisk)– from the first Make video we shot is up for sale too- simply in order to procure more funds for more videos (alongside Miller High-Life, Heavy Metal Cds, and Horror Movie dvds). This cabin actually, speak o’ the devil, was just shot/featured in an upcoming horror movie (slated for a late 2011 release) called “Slew Hampshire” (kinda like Mad Max, meets-Deliverance n’ Wrong Turn/No Escape).

White men CAN jump. The Boxy Lady Cabin on tour in CT for a magazine photo shoot

And enough blather for now….wait, I lied, here’s more…

Oh yeah, because a ton of people always ask- the band AGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in these videos is a band I drum/write for (a Rage Tribute- that also writes original tunes ), I also play in/write with Anklelock– and if bored, most recently we recorded a tune that caught the attention of Gary Cherone (singer of Extreme, one-time frontman for Van Halen) who sang on the track- you can check it out here…

If you’d be so kind as to purchase a download of the track, the proceeds will help to heat my home for 1/32,987th of a year! Thanks for all!



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Great blog. I’m from Norwell but am in Boise. You have me motivated to build my own cabin up in the mountains if central Idaho. I’ll let you know how my quest goes. Thanks for the ideas.

Comment by Mike Percuoco

flattering- great to hear! Best of luck with all Mike- def. send some pics down the road….

Comment by relaxshax

The artwork is cute, but you got the gears in my head turning on ideas. My 3 year old daughter loves magnets and I was thinking if you made the board from a magnetic metal then design some fun games on it that it would double as interactive wall mural. Just an idea 😉 the rest of it is a wonderful concept and I’m sure some kid will enjoy it.

Comment by Sarah L.

Awesome idea, Deek! I can see this design tweaked a little bit to be used as kitchen worktable or dining table with built in storage for essentials like seasonings, napkins, (and with an additional groove cut in)a plate holder. It’d also be great in a laundry room for storage with the drop down serving as an ironing board surface or a spot for folded clothes. Your idea would be versatile for just about any area…especially in a small house. Thanks for letting me pick your brain.

Comment by Lisa

thanks you two. I like the magnet idea- only problem being that milkcaps, for little kids, are technically a choking hazard (they fit through a paper-towel tube (the rough unit of measure). That’s why I glued AND air-stapled each cap to the wall art….for older kids 4+, its a great idea though…

Comment by relaxshax

well definitely gotta be careful of the choking hazard… My little one used to put everything in her mouth and sometimes I still catch her chewing on a good book even though she is three. LOL
I think with older kids there is no limit to the imaginative things they could do with various magnets and a magnetic board.

Comment by Sarah L.

Great site! You have fascinating, inspiring projects that challenge readers to look at space saving and resources in a new way.

I do social media for Resource Furniture, a NY-based furniture store that specializes in space-saving built-in furniture units.
We’ve been learning about the tiny house movement and wondering if our products could adapt to the movement. Take a look and tell me what you think?
Resource Furniture

Comment by elizabethwillse

Sure- I’m game/all ears….

Comment by relaxshax

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