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Modern (and plywood) seating for tiny/small houses- with built-in “storage”
November 19, 2010, 5:36 pm
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Pretty dang cool- but most likely “pretty dang expensive!”

A bookshelf seat/chair

 AND this next one’s a little too cold/modern for my own tastes, but I like the concept. I’ve been toying around with some simple, plywood constructed storage seats myself- I’ll have to post some sketches or built examples at some point.

A chair designed to stow your stuff

Also, and its damn random, but anyone out there know what this plant is? I ate a handful of its berries the other day and haven’t been feeling right since (kidding).
Figured some of your out there might know- as so many fruit-bearing wild plants look alike. Just curious… This was taken in my backyard.



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Maybe those berries are the reason your hair fell out?

Comment by Jaye Bayfield

Could be! or the reason I keep seeing dancing oompa loompas in my kitchen!

Comment by relaxshax

Deek – Check out this book if you can sometime for inspiration on furniture, “Nomadic Furniture”

Great design and diy concepts as well as some cool plans, first published in 1973 so some of it is a bit “dated” but there are still some cool ideas with tons of drawings, pics, plans, etc.

Comment by JP

Looks like a barberry of some kind. Edible, if that’s what they really are.

Comment by Soni

thanks!- will look into that

Comment by relaxshax

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