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The hair is GONE- all 16″- and some tiny house/recycling updates too…
November 18, 2010, 2:32 pm
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First, for comedy’s sake- (and to plug a great cause) I chopped all my hair off yesterday. I promised myself, starting almost four years back, that if I did cut it, I’d donate it all to “Locks Of Love”. Locks for Love is a non-profit organization that provides help to those who suffer from long-term, medical hair loss. In other words, some needy kid with leukemia, or some other horrible disease, will soon be rockin’ out MY hair in wig form- which is kinda bizarre, yet great. I felt it would be a waste to just cut it and throw it away, so I went to a specific places that catered to these donations. They’re worldwide…

The new short-hair, ready-for-the-office (hell no!) look

Aside from that….a few pics to keep ya busy/waste time while on the clock…

Tiny drug store from Tijiuana (From

Photo from the book "Handcrafted Modern"

Recycled Paper Desk/Table from

Also- I’m wrapping up that composting toilet video soon, AND one on the vegetable oil heater in my “Gypsy Junker” cabin that so many of you have asked about…



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Your hair looks nice short and I can tell you it’s a lot easier to take care of! Good for you to give it to the charity too.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

How awesome it is you gave your hair in a good cause. I have a friend locally who did that, she had hair down her back, beautiful shiny black hair…both of you rock!

Comment by Becky

Your hair looks like mine. [when I was using a lot of vaseline].

Now is all gray.

Comment by ozzie

Vaseline!? That’s pure American grease baby! kidding….

Comment by relaxshax

Looking forward to composting toilet video.

Comment by buildingblocksintupelo

I had hair down to my shoulder blades in 1991. I finally flipped out and did an OZZY. (Shaved myself bald) I later found out about locks of love, and donated the zip-lock bag of my sheared hair. I guess I could take a couple of years and re grow it. But I really dig the feeling of freedom I get from a shaven head every 3-4 months.

Comment by john b

yeah- I almost went the shaved head route this time- but its 30 degrees out right now here in MA- so I figured I’d wait til summer! Thanks for the comment

Comment by relaxshax

What was the no hair cut record? Four years? Later Deek!

Comment by Alex

Well- the last time I had the hair short was 4 years back. About a year ago I trimmed 7″ or so off…

Comment by relaxshax

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