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No, its not as dangerous as it seems! The Diedricksen Micro-Loft in Scituate, MA
November 17, 2010, 5:23 pm
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I received a few emails and comments on facebook from people wondering how the heck Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen get to their micro-loft (where they sleep (the photo two posts back). Although, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in the text description (hmmm…I’ll have to check).

Well, here’s another shot so as to lift the shroud of mystery….the mini-galley-style staircase that Dustin and I built a ways back.

Yours truly up in the Diedricksen micro-loft


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Well, you are so tall, it’s probably a hop down anyway, lol…:)

Comment by Becky

yeah- a hop down and I’ll have to get my legs reset each time- lol…or I’ll go right through their floor!

Comment by relaxshax

Thanks for the picture. Though you had mentioned galley type stairs, for some reason I kept envisioning Dawn climbing something more ladder-like in those heels. It’s enough to give an old woman nightmares! LOL! “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!”

Comment by Lisa

🙂 two words…fireman’s pole….always wanted that in a two story house! Batman…da da da da da da da da, Batman!:)

Comment by Becky

BTW, have you ever read about/seen pix of the Broderbund(sp?)house? They are a game making family. They made a house with secret passageways, slides, hidden rooms…really fascinating. I saw it on tv, here’s an article about houses with secrets…

Comment by Becky

yeah- I’ve looked online for the brodebund house- but any of the links or footage I found didn’t show too much- I’ll keep looking I suppose. I’m actually in the process (already framed in) of building a secret room off one of my foyers- well “sccret” until I just made mention of it. D’oh!

Thanks for that link Becky- I’ll go check it…

And yeah, a fireman’s pole has been discussed….Dustin’s in the process right now of making some cool/wild rennovations to the place as well- and next weekend I’ll be lending a hand- and perhaps shooting some mini-videos.

Comment by relaxshax

What’s up Deek, great pictures lately! Especially of your bro’s place. Can’t wait to see more and hope all is GREAT. Later! -Alex

Comment by Alex

thanks alex! always appreciated. Hope you’re well

Comment by relaxshax

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