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A Fenwick, Connecticut Tiny Home/Cottage on the Long Island Sound
November 16, 2010, 10:19 am
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Found this photo online, and felt that it must be the long-talked about “Fenwick, Connecticut” house that my father has recommended I check out. And lo n’ behold….yup, one and the same.

A marsh-situated house in Fenwick, CT

Here’s a little back-history and confirmation from my father Glenn Diedricksen….

That is the Fenwick house. We see it every time we tee off on the 4th hole at Fenwick (A public course- amidst the old home of Katherine Hepburn).
     The story goes (not sure how accurate), according to the artist Steven Cryan who knows the local history, that it was once a house boat that was put on that spot in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The CT river steamboat captains used to hang out there. It then later became a house of ill repute. Finally, someone purchased it for a cottage.
     Within the last 10-20 years people living on the property behind it in their huge house tried to buy it for a substantial sum of money simply so that they could knock it down to “improve their view”. I heard they offered well over a half a million dollars for this little house. The owner refused.
   Steven Cryan, who passed on much of this information, does fantastic paintings/photos of  local scenes, tugs, trains, etc. He sells his work at the “Dock and Dine” restuarant in Old Saybrook, CT. He’s often there painting. Our print of the World Trade Center with the Tug on the East River that sank the Karen E was done by him. We also have a picture of that very house by him.
He also plays harp (harmonica) in a local blues band. A very interesting guy!


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I’m glad the current owner didn’t sell to the people who wanted to tear it down for their “view”. Some things are worth more than money. Saying no to someone who thinks money will buy anything has to be as satisfying as staying in the house you wanted to live in.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

Very intriguing…I’d have taken the money and gone to Europe myself-I don’t believe in clinging to things, saw what it did in my own family;)What is the tugboat story? I never heard of it…thanks! (beautiful little shack)

Comment by Becky

Yeah- two sides/views to every story, but it would have been satisfying to reject someone who is probably used to getting their way, every way and every day, with money. On the otherhand, now your neighbor (who probably did already) resents you….
Also, keep in mind, this land alone in CT (Old Saybrook) is probably worth a fortune- so if this guy wants the money, even in a bad economy, he could most likely sell this any day.

Comment by relaxshax

Also- strange how people’s ideas of a good “view” differ. I’d WANT to see this house from mine….but I’m probably in the national minority. This place has so much character, not to mention history!

Comment by relaxshax

It’s called the Maggie P.

Comment by kate

The short version of the story as I know it is: it washed ashore around 1913 (we’re making preparations to celebrate the 100th anniversary). At some point the captain who lived there disappeared. When he’d been gone seven years, he was officially declared dead and my great-grandmother bought the place from the borough for back taxes in 1933. My children are now the fifth generation in my family to spend summers at the Maggie P. There is no desire to ever sell it. As Timaree said – some things are worth more than money.

My aunt found this article while searching for Irene damage in Fenwick. I’m glad to say that the Maggie P stayed dry inside with only minor damage and debris to outside places.

Comment by joyful

Sorry for the long delay- this blog has been moved over to under blogspot, and not here….anyway, would you guys ever allow me to take photos of the place- or even a short video tour? Always loved that house, and even own a tiny watercolor of it. -Deek kidcedar at gmail dot com.

Comment by relaxshax

People are always welcome to take pictures of the outside, and usually friendly inquisitors can get an inside tour if anyone’s home. I will send your email address to my aunt who is the one who stays there over the summer. They usually don’t close up until the end of September.

Comment by joyful

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